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Published on February 17, 2015

March 19, 2015 at 11:50 pm
“During the opening credits of this film 1:17 that guy is so blatantly
trying to break in through that gate, and a dude in a red shirt (who I’m
sure is acting as a lookout) totally attempts to throw something at the
camera man, And I’m pretty sure this is in no way staged. What a dummie.”


American Kickboxer 2

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  1. wise1

    this movie sucks all kinds of ass

  2. demir baldar

    this movie is very big BLAM

  3. David Gonzes

    she left the money

  4. David Stoica


  5. Bed Head

    Yer Dad.

  6. nas tony

    Man this movie sucks

  7. Don Scott

    Nice little B-movie from 1993,filmed in the Philippines.

  8. maxxy paine

    ugh, what a horrible film, I couldn’t even watch half of it. The guy with
    the tooth pick is gonna stab himself sooner or later.

  9. william mclay

    TOTAL BULLSHIT. crap acting.

    • matt baber

      +william mclay In fairness, if one wants a compelling emotional performance
      from deep and dynamic characters, one doesn’t look to martial arts movies.

  10. Ruben P

    the helicopter girl is cute

    • Don Scott

      The redhead book store girl answering the phone is hotter.

  11. carlos vasquez

    por que no la ponen en español

  12. Mishary Khudheer

    أفلام جنس

  13. 21macca21

    16:42 so bad its comical

    • 21macca21

      47:05 takes an eternity to drop n shoot

  14. andreiaoliveira oliveira

    qui bosta ta ingles nao to entendendo nada cade a legenda?

  15. andreiaoliveira oliveira

    ta hora esse filme

  16. craig jonnathan

    These guys had the same clothes for the whole movie, but at the end it

  17. intj123

    This movie is so lame….such a weird plot story, and corny ass actors, and
    hardly any kickboxing, he’s wearing a freggin karate gi in the beginning.
    but I was bored wutever.

  18. Hood Style Moda

    Police Academy vs. Martial Arts B-Movie

  19. TheWarriorBatReturns

    My two Dads?

  20. nasser tehrani

    how liar are you i thought thought i am a liar but i can see now there
    are more them me liar in the blody world

  21. nasser tehrani

    liar liar pants on fire

  22. Isa Randall

    32:48 really?? wow

    • BadMadPlay

      that bit was funny asf

  23. Scott Leoski

    That’s the dork from police academy

    • Don Scott

      The late David Graf

    • Draven

      +Scott Leoski Sgt. Tackleberry

  24. Siloni Vital

    Gostaria que esse filme fosse dublado

  25. Unique Gem Productions

    +Dragon Clouds LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  26. Earl V

    +Dragon Clouds the real jungle

  27. DonJuan19755

    I love american trash movie

  28. Gilberto Oliveira

    obrigado pela postagem este filme e muito bom. obrigado muito
    obrigado mesmo

    • DonJuan19755

      Amigo só falto a bendita legenda BR

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