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Published on November 25, 2008

Onyx David 6 years ago
“thanks for the showcase. I hope one day people begin to rekindle thier
enjoyment for the martial arts instead of settling for the brute,
unprofessional, unsportsmanlike mayhem that is MMA”


American Kickboxer – John Barrett And Keith Vitali

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  1. Koti M

    Full movies

  2. Sakata Kintoki


  3. NWOFanWG

    Einer der besten Filme finde ich,das veränderte mein Leben im posstiven der

  4. jim bradley

    Excellent song and excellent scenes!Those were the times!!!

  5. Toon Vanackere

    Kickboxer with Jean claud van Damme?

  6. LORDGOAT1976


  7. fighteroffighters

    Very nice song. 🙂

  8. STEVE P

    the movie was terrible, but the video is cool. the video is actually much
    better than the movie itself.

  9. Rob Engley

    To The Death

  10. PODMAN5000

    fuck yeah!!!!!!!

  11. martailarts1997

    ok then. nice vid. i really liked it and ill watch more…….XD

  12. kid gloves

    @kravmagiczka do you know, the name of the soundtrack? thanks

  13. Leigh J

    @jakynme King of the kickboxers. Loren Avedon and Billy Blanks

  14. Leetayo X

    @Kiryu2011 Elbows can cause some pretty nasty cuts and your joints are
    pretty hard weapons. If you want to really mess someone up, then use those.

  15. Stiffe Mann

    hehe looks like rocky but with kickboxing and other actors xD and i loved
    rocky! 😀

  16. Kiryu2011

    Does anyone know why elbows and knees are illegal in American kickboxing
    but in Japanese kickboxing, Indian kickboxing, and muay thai its legal?


    i remember this film growing up Jacques Denard was quality hahahah

  18. valter pontes

    @jakynme thats the king of kickboxer

  19. ndmmaa

    @jakynme Yes thats King Of The Kickboxers. Can be found on ebay. Also check
    out No retreat no surrender series

  20. Cybopath

    @misterkami2 I was answering someone else’s question.

  21. God hand Mishima

    they obviously wanted Van Damme instead of Brad Morris.

  22. Ryan Tramel

    @jakynme King Of The Kickboxers

  23. Cybopath

    @kravmagiczka What? I was answering jakynme’s question.

  24. kravmagiczka

    @Cybopath dude this is from best of the best with Phillip Rhee

  25. Cybopath

    @jakynme Sounds like ‘Kickboxer’ with Van Damme

  26. Loyal2law

    Montages like this really pumps me up to train more. 5 stars =3!

  27. Clive Mckenzie

    Good Action….Spirit & Feel 🙂

  28. kissrdbc

    i think seen movie but it good

  29. piyte

    @jakynme yes it`s the king of kickboxers. but there is also american
    kickboxer 1 and 2..

  30. John Doe

    righttt thankss mann im actually watching it no on youtube…. fucking
    greatt movie

  31. kravmagiczka

    Loren Avedon vs. Billy Blanks ? The King of the Kickboxers!

  32. John Doe

    Im looking for a movie, can someone help me out? i was pretty sure it was
    called American Kickboxer, if not, something with either the word American,
    or Kickboxer in the title. Anyways, the Plot is about a guy’s brother that
    gets killed by this african/dark skinned fighter, and then he seeks revenge
    and goes out to find this old drunk that teaches him how to fight, by
    dodging swinging logs from trees.

  33. fisherboy911

    john barret is my karate teacher

  34. kravmagiczka

    sister 🙂

  35. ChasingProductions1

    awesome video, very little known movie, but a martial arts film, not trash

  36. combaton

    5/5 =]

  37. kravmagiczka

    thank you

  38. sasuke6887

    Wow! he’s good!

  39. kravmagiczka

    thank you:)

  40. pietrojeetkunedo


  41. kravmagiczka

    i know :)^^:p thnx sun

  42. IceCreamSneaker

    großartig = great

  43. kravmagiczka


  44. Drunkenmaster770

    great vid

  45. kravmagiczka

    thnx sun

  46. kravmagiczka

    ich wais nicht:)

  47. Nasos Nasos

    five stars

  48. kravmagiczka

    thanks hun 🙂

  49. IceCreamSneaker

    großartig =)

  50. kravmagiczka

    thank you

  51. biaop1

    he is the best!! nice vid!

  52. kravmagiczka

    thank you

  53. kravmagiczka

    thank you

  54. David Sloan

    The best !!!

  55. billasbury15

    great video,vitali and barret are awesome, excellent choice in music 5 stars

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