Simple Pad Training Routines that Increase Your Accuracy and Speed

Home Boxing Simple Pad Training Routines that Increase Your Accuracy and Speed
Published on May 30, 2013
  1. David Tran

    your 2-3-2-3 combo listed the incorrect punches (jab-cross-jab-cross)

  2. Summaya Bouchair

    Does this help in weight loss? If yes, up to how many calories per 45 mins?


      +Summaya Bouchair Yes it’s perfect for weight loss, it depends on the
      intensity for calories though..

  3. Adi De

    A lots of bla, bla, bla … If you catch his gloves in half way, he falls
    into bad habits and then in real fight he’ll never
    be able hit the target … unless opponent tries bite him in his fist bro
    😀 You may be good enough to teach fat ladies
    (no offence ladies 🙂 how to burn their fat but boxing. You’re so funny :))

    • Adi De

      +Pandabar Yeah man, better do nothing than wrong 😉

    • Pandabar

      +Adi De The difference is: He does it for free and without anyone asking
      him. No pro boxer wins because he watched youtube videos.

    • Douglas Phillip

      +Adi De that is a very good point

    • Adi De

      +jiN kan Thanks mate, don’t get me wrong I am just honest and am saying
      what I feel seeing a boxing class for beginners conducted by beginners
      pretending a experienced boxers… this is really funny.
      Mr Douglas Phillip has mentioned about Floyd Maywether junior (virtuoso of
      professional boxing as we all know) and only one thing I’d like to say
      about it is : Even Floyd M.J wouldn’t become a world champion a once being
      trained by this guy form the video 🙂

    • jiN kan

      you’re annoying but I agree it should not be half way.

  4. dontfeedthecode

    I’ve never trained with a boxing coach that holds the pads this way for
    normal pad work, they are to provide you a target only – it’s up to the
    fighter to judge the distance they need to be at, the technique, speed and
    the power required to make a solid connection with the pad. Sure as a
    beginner it’s harder to connect with the pads, you overextend on your
    punches and you don’t look or sound as “cool” when you train, but you’re
    being taught to earn these things on your own and you’re not being given
    them on a plate. Distance is one of the most important aspects of boxing,
    if you have to judge distance correctly when using pads you’ll be much more
    likely to do well in sparring when compared to someone who’s having the
    pads thrown at them.

    • Bad Ass

      +Thomas Heaven Happy Rising Tommy Boy

    • Thomas Heaven

      +Bad Ass

      You can use my balls for kettlebells bitch.

    • Bad Ass

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    • Bad Ass

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  5. Black Cobra

    I don’t call combos by numbers, only by names, jab, cross, hook, hook.
    Also, top guys seem to meet the boxer’s hands with the pads, but I was told
    that is incorrect. -What gives?

  6. Melissa Wilson

    How do you anticipate the punch?

  7. Coach Rollie Workouts - Fat X 101

    Nice tips! One of the best videos on pad work I’ve seen.

    • Adi De

      +Coach Rollie Workouts – Fat X 101 You didn’t see much then mate :))

    • CSILopez

      +Coach Rollie Workouts – Fat X 101 Me too!

  8. Jonathan Tapia

    fuck off skinny shit , dont know shit about boxing , what is the fucking
    point if the pads go to the fists , dont believe to this scumbag liar ,
    pads have to stay still and punch like it was a real fight when the fuck
    did you see that someone meets your fist with the face , maybe this
    shithead would do that.

    • Benjamin Lamb

      +Jonathan Tapia Damn bro, you should lay off the ‘roids. Making you all
      temperamental and shit.

    • Thomas Heaven

      +Jason Quick

      I can be a true asshole sometimes, i take everything back that i said
      Jason. I believe you did a great job and what really matters is to try than
      doing nothing.

    • Bad Ass

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    • Bad Ass

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    • Jason Quick

      +Thomas Heaven Must feel good cheerleading on another mans page, commenting
      to everyone who opposes differently to what your narrow mind thinks. I feel
      for you. Get a life, y’all working together? A man cheerleading, shame on
      you. “this is correct…..muscle memory”….blah blah blah. Say something
      that’s not the obvious. Kiddies? Take your young ass to sleep.

  9. Elixon Lopez

    Let him work for that sound. You’re doing it for him. Hitting bag or mitts
    doesn’t mean it’s OK to drop your hands. Judging your own distance is an
    element to be mastered. Don’t shorten his punches. Lead foot under his chin
    will cause him to lean when moving in with the cross. Get that lead leg out
    more. Last but not least ,when he throws the left hook whack the shit out
    of his right side of his face so he never drops his hand again. Test all
    your fighters . They have a bad habit of dropping their right hand when
    they throw the left hook. Defensive mitt work works fighter’s instincts.

  10. aviatiei

    both trainer&student are not qualified acording to the nobel art of boxing

    • Fred H

      I with you on that one! Well said.

  11. mahbub Hussain

    Great vid

  12. Clark Kent

    wheres your gym at i would love to come train with u

  13. Robert delaCruz

    2-5-2 Right Straight Uppercut Cross Combo

  14. 79pejeperro

    Montañés. Your surname is Montañés. Which means the man from the mountain.
    Not Montanez, that does´nt exist. Know your roots.

  15. Ryan5aAyers

    Do you think you could do some adding more mixed martial arts combos? like
    kicking elbows and knees. It would be a great help!

  16. eddie090287

    To be honest,I don’t like how the pad holder meets halfway only because
    it’s not letting the fighter use his full extension.a real fighter is
    probably not going to meet you halfway.good videos tho

    • Elixon Lopez

      +Nick Gilbert then don’t hold the mitts let someone else do it.

    • Nick Gilbert

      Meeting is the easiest way to prevent the holder getting shoulder damage,
      and provides solid contact to get the trainees wrist and knuckles used to
      the impact of a solid target.

  17. Robert dela Cruz

    2 Right Straight

  18. Robert dela Cruz

    1 Jab

  19. Robert dela Cruz

    1 Jab

  20. Robert dela Cruz

    1 Jab

  21. Andrew Montanez


  22. Andrew Montanez


  23. Darien Harp

    you sid jab-cross-hook, and the video subtitle thingy said

  24. mrwood530

    Good stuff thanks Squid

  25. Johny Bravo


  26. MMA Surge

    We will do it at a gym soon, its too dangerous on out set. Surge will be
    hitting the road again.

  27. MMA Surge

    Can’t give my system away all at once. Many different trainers have their
    own numbering system.

  28. Northern Born Southern Raised

    idk how many other ppl said something bout focus mit training but I know I
    did…thanks for uploading!! love these vids man they help me out a lot
    with training myself.

  29. juandenz2008

    What’s the rest of the numbering system ? Thanks.

  30. Rick Noble

    OMG dope vid!!! And you gave me some ideas.

  31. Rick Noble

    Exactly!! For many reasons, exactly!

  32. MMA Surge

    There’s a balance and distance that you need to establish with whoever the
    person is that you’re working with.

  33. John Smith

    Happens too often with some guys I train with.

  34. dmitrie42

    Yeah, Suplex would be nice

  35. Gabriel Lien

    I think the pad holder should not push so far out to “meet”

  36. manos kritikos

    If your partner doesn’t ”meet you halfway”,it is very very annoying……

  37. samuelcunninghamjr

    Andrew can u do a video on dodging and slipping punches?

  38. Lazlo Quintero

    I just got educated on the correct way to use basic pad work. nice. The
    squid reminds me of Jaime Varner.

  39. RoasterMcdougalify

    I like the vid. I feel you may have overemphasized the contact that the pad
    holder exerts on to the glove in your single punch demo (between 0:59 and
    1:51) as the level of contact dropped off significantly when you sped it up
    in the combos. If you put too much downwards pressure on an uppercut it can
    be a shortcut to wrist injury for the inexperienced fighter. Other than
    that, really enjoyed the video.

  40. John Johnson

    Good stuff

  41. nmr20067

    Good video! Thanks. Question: How much does the average MMA or boxing gym
    cost per month for people that don’t want to compete, but want to get and
    shape and/or learn how to handle yourself?

  42. Lightningz1

    I never understood what the numbers were before this. Now I get what they
    mean by the 1-2 punch. Thanks squid

  43. JJ Villanueva

    This was super helpful

  44. TheBrotherhoodMMA

    at 2:33 shouldnt it say cross hook cross hook?

  45. KillNichMich

    just awesome 🙂

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