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Published on January 24, 2014

Please READ this box for more info. If you want to have fun and burn calories, then this 30 minutes Cardio Kickboxing session is for you. This full workout aims to burn an average of 250 — 300Cals. We’ll be doing lots of punches and kicks and they are great moves to burn fat and to tone up on your hips, thighs, waist and arms. So get ready to throw me some punches and kicks!

45 seconds workout with 15 seconds rest for each exercise. Once you have completed Round 1, rest for 1 minute and repeat all the exercises again for Round 2. Stretch for 5 minutes at the end of the workout.

1) Straight Punches
2) Switch Left & Right
3) Touch Front Kicks
4) Jap, Punch, Duck & Switch
5) Front & Back Kicks
6) Squat & Cross Punch
7) Straight Up Punches
8) High Knee Grab
9) Side Kicks
10) Jap, Punch, Hooks
11) Reach & Twist
12) Sumo Squat to Push-Ups

Based on my Heart Rate (HR) Monitor, I burned 270 Calories, Average HR: 172, Maximum HR: 219
So if you want to mix your cardio routine up, try this workout 2-3 times weekly for best result. All the best! =)

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Cardio Kickboxing Burn


  1. sandra

    this helped me i cant thank you enough :)

  2. Nghia Chau

    thank you so much ms Joanna , im 50 years old and i find it hard to be
    flexible as i once was, but i find your kick box routine fits my comfort
    level of working out ,much apprecated

  3. Sarahi Benitez

    Thank you joanna for this vid i am so unfit but i fell the burn and i try
    to eat fruit and things that are good for me so thank you .☺

    • Jazzy 8

      +Sarahi Benitez I know I am not Johanna, but well done! xD

  4. Maritza V

    What I love about this video is that it was easy to follow and tough! (in a
    good way:) I definitely had a sweat party once I finished!

  5. Alysia Wilson

    Awesome workout!! Thank you:)


    Thank you!

  7. Michelle Suarez

    very good workout! it’s very hard for me to sweat and this does the trick

  8. Jetlagged Comic

    Great straightforward workout Joanna! It definitely challenged me and you
    are so cute to watch! Thanks for posting.

  9. Michelle Ng

    Hi Joanna, i have been trying this workout for quite some time and its not
    showing results.. Should i add jogging into my routine?

  10. Michael Hargrove

    Looking for workout to do in my hotel room during Business Travels. I
    found your workout and I love it. Will be adding this to my normal workout
    routine. Thanks for some great workout videos.

  11. Maricel Shinoda

    im doing this work out for a month now and im lovin the result especially
    my tummy part 😉 thank you Ms Joanna for sharing this kick boxing cardio
    work out it is very easy to follow 🙂 more power ;)

    • Jazzy 8

      +Maricel Shinoda Wow! Is that you in the picture I see? You certainly have!

  12. Moua Vang

    I am so glad that I stumble upon your video Joanna Soh, I did your 5 mins
    warm-up and I only was able to do 10 mins and I am already giving up. But I
    will keep on doing it until I am able to do the whole video workout and
    follow up with your 4 weeks workout plan. All these exerciser really
    workout my whole body!

  13. Amanda jajou

    HII just did your workout for the first time and i loved it!!! New fav

  14. Raegzz55

    Its so helpful that the add was for Burger King chicken fries… haha yes
    now im in the mood to kickbox lol

  15. Nur Cahaya

    somebody reply me…is this help me to slim my thigh?

  16. Cynthia Gouwadi

    Hi Joanna. Thank you so much! I just tried this workout today and sweating
    here and there. Eventho I feel really tired but it feels GOOD. I will try
    another video from your channel as my workout routine. Wish me luck!! I
    have about 34 kilograms more to go.

  17. PG GBtwo

    An exercise video with sunlight, an instructor that actually is WORKING and
    not breezing through the workout without even sweating, and no obnoxious
    music. I am subbing NOW. Thanks for posting this!

  18. ติ๊ก น่ารัก

    thank you

  19. Marisel Ordaz

    thanks for sharing your videos, im so overweight, and I find this video, I
    have a week trying and and just love it now I can almost do everything
    without stop. thanks so much also my 8 year old daughter love it too

  20. layla nassif

    i didn’t get smthg …do i have to make 30 mn cardio for a week in the
    dietbet lets get leen 1-2 weeks

  21. Josie Musico

    awesome! thanks for posting.

  22. Einalem Ong

    Hey Joanna!
    I’ve been doing this workout for four to five times a week, and it’s been
    quite a long time since . On some days, I do an hour of these! Sweaty yet
    satisfying! From 163 lbs to 138, I include this in my exercise routine(plus
    other workouts) with a proper diet and active lifestyle. Thank you for
    inspiring us!

  23. 3beanandnakedbacon 3

    this is so cools

  24. Enrico Walter

    Weight loss green store tea is such an amazing thing, that not only have I
    lost weight, I have also felt surprisingly energetic and happy all over. I
    studied about it, and it turns out that Weight loss green store tea does
    this by stopping sugar from turning into fat and turning it into energy

    • Vegam Yira

      +Enrico Walter Comments great. Thank you.

    • George Jack

      +Enrico Walter Good solution for weight loss.

  25. Jael Mustaine

    the first 2 times I did this I felt so damn tired and couldn’t complete
    it.. yesterday I’ve done the entire thing and didn’t even feel tired.. what
    the hell? i feel like I did something wrong lol

  26. Victoria Dudley

    I pushed through! Felt a bit nauseated at the end there, haha! Love the
    burn in my abdomen!

  27. healthy life

    i love your workout

  28. Ammy Nobi

    hi joannah i just started following ur meal plans 4 weight lose and ur
    workouts as well but the only problem is that as soon as i finish my
    workout i started feeling nausea n feel so sick n tired can u plz tell me
    how to fix this issue n why it is happening after every single workout

  29. Mariangeliz Soto

    Just tried this work out for the first time! I love it!

  30. My0world0is0spinning

    Thank you for the great workout – it`s so balanced and fun, yet
    challenging. Awesome!

  31. Felicia Kal

    I can’t do the Sumo Squat to Push-Ups because I barely can do push-ups
    (weak ik :P) so I just do the sumo squat(excluding the push-up) and then
    stand up, still tiring tho but I’ll try to do that next time when I’m
    strong enough. I really love this workout! Thank you Joanna <3

  32. Cope The Gamer

    Can this help grow muscle

    • Iron Pirate

      +Cope The Gamer Size? Probably not. Explosive strength? Probably yes if you
      do this regularly and put some power into the movements.

  33. Britney Costa-Barnett

    gosh you make this look so easy x haha

  34. vicky moore

    Great workout! Thank you! I’m sweating!

  35. Dia Pák


  36. Sina Wilson

    That was just what I needed right now, thank you so much! =)

  37. onlyisii

    every time i do this i’m like: oh no, her hair got stuck to her watch again

  38. Alexandra Georgiou

    Well..first of all I wanna tell you I admire you, you don’t seem at all
    sweat or tired, same time I am ready to pass out. :p
    Your energy and character kept me doing it till the end, u are very sweet
    and u helped me a lot to complete this workout!!!!! Thanks a lot, great

  39. Shelley Tucker

    Thank you for this AWESOME video! You rock!!!!

  40. ninja11083

    Thank you for this workout I’m a high school wrestler and I have been
    having trouble making weight for my regular weight class witch is 132lbs I
    weigh about 139-141 and I know in order to loose a pound you have to brunch
    3500 calories but I burn a lot in practice but this is some extra to do on
    the weekends and I feel that doing this will help me loose fast and put me
    on weight

  41. Sally Albig

    My new fave workout! Thanks! :)

  42. Merry J Tuning

    Look so intense, saving it for later when I have the space. Love
    your trainings. Thanks for sharing. All the best!

  43. psxcopata san

    Done¡ Wanna do more

    • Jazzy 8

      +psxcopata san Ugh samee! Dx

  44. Sumaiya Abida

    M doing for d first time i just loved it thanjs a lot

  45. Angie Drew

    I’m only 5’0 and 88 lbs how much will i burn?

  46. Geet Spade

    Wow loved it!

  47. marjana suligoj

    Great workout Joanna . This workout make me sweat alot :)

  48. Krizzabelle Orourke

    Hello, Joannah. Could you post your link for your facebook page? Could not
    find it. Thank yo! I love this work out routine. Feel so good. :)

  49. john valverde peña

    ThanK You for this sweat nice time Joanna Soh !!

  50. The Curvy Metalhead Show

    Thank you girl for making these videos. It is too costly for me to go to
    the gym. I am building a home gym instead. I just found your videos and it
    has changed my life. Thank you!

  51. ForeverSteffie

    My favorite kickboxing workout by far! tried many others but i always come
    back to this one. Highly recommend !

  52. TheJileyProduction

    I love everything besides the straight up punches ugh

  53. el3ash Uae

    i realy like this workout I have been do it before one month as an advance
    with 1 to 2 times weekly. can Ichallenge my muscles more if I do it daily?
    thank you

  54. Basphemius “Alice” Deus

    Joanna, you are amazing! I’ve been gaining weight since 7 months ago, and
    nothing worked on me, due to stress. Someone said the more I stress out
    exercising, the more I’ll gain weight. Your videos really helped me out, my
    stress level is also lower since I’ve been doing your exercises and had fun
    doing it, and my tummy got smaller ( and flatter than ever, I have tummy
    pooch) THANK YOU!

  55. hemangi hemangi

    Hi Joanne I am 12 and also a tomboy so I like punches and kicks just one
    qwestoin why dose my chest pain after this and it seems kinda heavy from

  56. Gabriela I

    I tried but my knees are killing me 🙁 any workout with no knee impact? T_T

    • Gabriela I

      +Victoria Daisy Oh I’ll watch it. Thanks, Victoria!

    • Victoria Daisy

      you have to keep your knees a little bend throughout and when doing the
      squat exercises make sure youre in proper form and don’t use your knees to
      lift up but your thigh muscles (there is a video on youtube on how to
      correctly do squats) x

  57. Amalie Nielsen

    anyone that has done this for a bit of time, that can tell me how it’s
    working out? what results and stuff? 🙂 really hope someone will answer and
    thank you SO much for the video Joanna 🙂 this seems so fun and im gonna
    try it out tomorrow :P

    • Amalie Nielsen

      Thank you so much for your response 🙂

    • Xlucyftw

      Well I do this exercise twice a week plus some others to equal working out
      5x per week and eat healthy and have lost 3 stone (32 lbs I think) since
      May 🙂 it’s a great workout to get the heart going! I also add some small
      weights to get an extra arm burn but to not slow the pace 🙂 hope this
      helps! Keep in mind everyone weights different to start and has a different

  58. keadilan kelembutan

    love it a lot!!!! it’s remind me to my taekwando classes

  59. Maira Vega

    definitely seeing results by doing this workout! Thank you Joanna! <3

  60. Cara Owsley

    I love this workout. I lost 38 pounds 5 years ago and have for the most
    part have kept it off. I have gained 3-8 pounds here and there. I am always
    looking for a different workout that will challenge me and make me sweat,
    this workout accomplished that.

    • Joanna Soh

      +Cara Owsley Awesome!! Thanks for sharing your personal results. I’m so
      happy for you Cara. Keep inspiring other people around you. xx

  61. Ashii jazz

    whats ur height ??

    • Jazzy 8

      +Joanna Soh Is it bad that I am a 13 year old female (advanced body and
      mind wise), 130 lbs and am 168 cm? PLEASE could you tell me what I SHOULD
      be weighing? It would help as I REALLY look forward to hearing your reply.
      You are like a role model lol xD =) Thanks so much sis! xD

    • Joanna Soh

      +Ashii jazz 159cm. =)

  62. Emily and Amanda

    This kickboxing exercise makes me sweat & my heart beat so fast! Such a
    great workout after I feel guilty about eating something unhealthy lol my
    sister & I love doing this together :)

  63. TheJileyProduction

    This is great for when I’m not in the mood for intense cardio and jumping
    but still want to build up a sweat! Love it, thank you.

  64. Maira Vega

    This workout never fails me and always makes me sweat a lot> Always leaves
    me feeling like i just burned 100 pounds of fat! LOL

  65. Kathleen Payton

    Man that was hard!! Great workout, thank you!

  66. Flint Fireforge

    Thanks so much Joanna. I’m always looking for good cardio workouts with
    little impact, I have sciatica that makes it difficult to do anything too
    jarring. This workout fits perfectly, hardly any impact and really gets the
    blood pumping. I’ll be coming back to this often.You’re now on my
    subscribed list, Thanks again.

  67. Amber G

    I’m still loving this awesome workout! :D

  68. Alexis King

    Love it!!!

  69. Maira Vega

    I love this cardio kickboxing so much!

  70. Kat G

    I’m deaddddd haha

    • Elli Fink

      Omg siwon is that you

  71. Best Kickboxing Classes USA

    Love it! Burn 500-1000cal when you HIT something too! 🙂 #Awesome

  72. Dominique Nolen

    Thanks for the great workout, Joanna! This really made me sweat, and I
    learned some great new moves. Also, you’re charming and lots of fun to work
    out with! :)

  73. Mook Pc

    This is a really good workout cardio. <3

  74. Kristi Coutee

    Best workout ever thanks J Soh

  75. Maira Vega

    This was my second time doing this kickboxing work out and i did it with
    much more energy and power and WOW IM SWEATING SO MUCH! I LOVE THIS! It has
    become my favorite kickboxing workout! Thank you for this workout Joanna!

  76. Xlucyftw

    My first attempt of this was about a month ago and I was so unfit and only
    could manage about 1/3 of this workout without stopping half way through
    the moves… Fast forward a month on and I just completed the whole thing
    without unnecessary quitting 🙂 I love this workout and has inspired me to
    go to a kick boxing class in my local area! 

    • Xlucyftw

      +Joanna Soh this workout has been such a regular in my routine and I’m
      proud to say, over the course of my weight loss journey I have lost over 3
      stone! And I feel so much better for it! My confidence is at an all time
      high! So thank you so much Joanna, you’re motivating me every time I hit
      play! 🙂

    • Joanna Soh

      +Xlucyftw OMG!! Amazing!! I’m so so proud of you. Keep it up and I’m glad
      you’re enjoying kickboxing. It’s so much fun! You’ll only get stronger,
      fitter and feel absolutely amazing from the inside out. =)

  77. Maira Vega

    looks like a fun workout, I’m gonna try it. =)

  78. Andeker Y. F.

    I don’t have good knees, will this work out make my knees worse? Thanks: )

    • SammySingally

      +Joanna Soh +Andeker Y. F. I had bad knees last year (I was in and out of
      hospital visits and physiotherapy as doctors thought I had a virus
      affecting my knees). After quitting physiotherapy and seeing the doctors (I
      got medicine induced depression due to being put on all sorts of pain meds
      and that completely put me off doctors as I had already had bad experiences
      with some in the past), I decided to get back to working out. I started of
      slowly with pilates and some dancing and then focused on trying to
      strengthen the muscles around my knees (you can find workouts for that here
      on YouTube) and since then, I have been doing high intensity workouts, I
      can do squats, jumps, kicks, you name it! without pain or discomfort in my
      You should try it – strengthening the muscles around your knees using
      specific workouts.

    • Joanna Soh

      +Andeker Y. F. You can still do this workout but avoid high impact
      exercises. So remove all the jumping. Perhaps you can try swimming which is
      an excellent workout and it’s low impact. If in doubt, please do get your
      physician’s approval prior to exercising. =)

  79. Viviane Poirier

    wonderful workout, so much fun ! I’ve been trought it all several times
    this week and I was wondering: Do I always burn 250-300 calories or I burn
    less because my body gets used to it ? Thank you !

  80. Briannah O

    Thank you for an awesome work out. My cardio kick boxing class just ended
    last week and I was looking for something to replace it. This did the
    trick! Awesome video. Keep it up :)

  81. Juliana Torres

    Do u think that by doing this work out I can lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks

    • XOXO Miriam

      +Juliana Torres You shouldn’t lose more than 2 lbs per week. Usually the
      faster the weight loss the more muscle loss. 30 pounds per week would
      mostly be muscle that was lost rather than fat and the less muscle the
      slower your metabolism.

    • DJ Williams

      +Juliana Torres It’s not advisable/healthy to lose more than 2 pounds a
      week, or 12 pounds in 6 weeks.

  82. Samantha Reese

    Wow thank you so much for this video! I’m happy I found it because I needed
    to find a longer cardio video that can supliment for my runs when the
    weather is bad or too hot like today.

  83. Allison Grebe

    i enjoyed this workout very much. It was paced very well, challenging, but
    not too hard and I feel that I got a good cardio/total body workout. I was
    sweating by the end, which I usually don’t. Thanks.

  84. diana rose Parangue

    I cant do Sumo Squat to Push-Ups :/

    • Kally hi

      Maybe just do sumo squats or regular squats during that time. 🙂

    • Chofizz Rodriguez

      +diana rose Parangue Me neither… I skip that, lol

  85. Jaya Shree

    hi, if i do this regularly how many lbs can i lose. i am now 59 kgs, i want
    to reduce lil bellt thats all

  86. djmanda8

    i usually go to the cardio kickboxing class at my local gym, but they don’t
    have the class everyday and the times don’t always work out for me. So glad
    i found this though! This is my new alternative, thank you so much!

  87. Maria Castillo

    Will try this!! 🙂

    • Joanna Soh

      +Maria Castillo Awesome!! Keep us posted on your progress. =)

  88. Brian Chamberlin

    Joanna, please make more long videos like this one. We have a group that
    meets every day and works with your videos and we would love to see more
    like this one. You are awesome.

    • Joanna Soh

      +Brian Chamberlin Noted! Perhaps you guys can combine several of my videos
      to make a 30 minutes workout session too? It’s so nice to know that your
      group is working out to my videos. Please say HI to all. xx

  89. T Nicole

    Great workout! My friend and I are doing a cardio challenge and your videos
    are awesome! This is my 2nd day this week working out with you :-)

    • Joanna Soh

      +T Nicole AWESOME!! Keep it up and keep supporting each other. =)

  90. Ruth Campanella

    I added hand weights and also wore a weighted vest. Made this a very
    challenging work out. :)

  91. Madeline Stewart

    Doing these really help! Thanks Joanna. ^^

  92. Chicken Lady

    Good workout 🙂 I was sweating so much afterwards, so i guess it really
    does burn a lot of calories :D

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