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Published on June 4, 2014

VLIVELOVE S. December 30, 2014 at 3:10 pm
“Woo hoo!! So glad I previewed this workout before trying it!!!! In my 2nd trimester so had to alternate some moves, but still a GREAT workout with excellent choreography and calling cues all the way through!!! I burned 531 calories. For those who complained about no breaks in between, I basically took them at the same time the instructor did and jumped right back in.”


Cardio Kickboxing Class


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  2. Tracy Fitness

    Please how can i purchase the music with the same bpm.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hello Tracy. I use Tempo Magic app pitch my music. If you still want to
      purchase this playlist, just $15.76 to my Paypal( I
      will Dropbox the playlist to you.

  3. fitness kickboxer

    I have a question. I am a newbie tae bo instructor and I was wondering what
    should i do when new students enter to my class. they have zero
    coordination. I try to explain the moves correctly. excuse my English. I
    don’t do so much choreography

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      +fitness kickboxer, you’re welcome.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      You’re right that it takes experience when teaching group classes. Also
      keep in mind that everyone in the group classes will not get the moves.
      Some members just can’t comprehend, some may not have the physical ability,
      some just don’t care about getting it… They just want to move. As long as
      they are moving & not getting into anybody way you keep it moving. Continue
      showing different levels of the high impact moves & you keep learning with
      an open mind.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Fitness Kickboxer. The best way to get new students involved with the
      class is to show different levels/layers to your moves. Meaning, show a
      beginner, intermediate & advance level to the moves. This way they are
      moving & still on the same pace. Then you just have those members that just
      don’t have the ear/coordination. You really can’t spend to much time
      showing them because you’ll loose focus from the other students who really
      wants to work. I hope that helped.

  4. Lovely Naledi

    Thank you so much for this amazing workout! The choreography is really fun
    and your queuing is fantastic! Have a great day!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Lovely. I truly appreciate the positive feedback. Come back & visit.
      You have a great day also.

  5. Mary Moon

    i very rarely comment on these youtube workouts but i have to say that your
    cardio kickboxing workouts are THE BEST!!! thank you so much for sharing.
    pls add more!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Mary Moon, thank you so much. I have a latest one up. Check it oiy

  6. Michelle de Abreu

    Hi GiveMe10Fitness, this is an awesome video – thank you for posting! Do
    you post the music/playlist anywhere? Obsessed.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Michelle. Thank you so much. No I don’t post the music but if you hear
      a playlist from the video you like, I can Dropbox it to you for $15.76.

  7. ambika krishnan

    Hi there..i recently purchased the music from you for one of your other
    videos but now am interested in buying the music for this workout. Can you
    please let me know whether it’s available for purchase? thanks Ambika

    • ambika krishnan

      +GiveMe10Fitness Hi..yes it was a bit weird that it didn’t recognise the
      music. I really appreciate your help and would be awesome if you could
      suggest an app or get me a version of the playlist at 150 BPM.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Ambika. That’s strange. It should recognize/locate all the music on
      your phone. I will research an app for you phone for you. Also, I’m gonna
      see if I can get you a version of the playlist between 148-150 BPMs

    • ambika krishnan

      +GiveMe10Fitness Hi I have an android phone- HTC M8. I saved your playlist
      on this phone and installed an app called Beat Step to try and modify the
      BPM. However for some reason Beat Step is not recognising your songs on the
      app. I can play your songs through other standard music apps on my phone
      but Beat Step wont recognise it for some reason. Any thoughts?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Ambika Krishnan. Welcome for the playlist. What type of phone you have?
      Of course I’ll try to help you anyway I can.

    • ambika krishnan

      +GiveMe10Fitness Hi thanks for the info. However the playlist that you sent
      me is slower than your video. Are you able to send me the playlist which is
      at the same BPM as your video? I can’t use the Tempo Magic App to speed up
      the playlist you sent me as I don’t have an Iphone or Ipad. The first
      playlist I purchased from you ” fireball” was the same BPM as your video
      but this one is not. Please let me know if you can assist.

  8. Esteban Salazar

    Cuantas calorías puedes quemar con esta rutina?

  9. swampthing401

    wow now i appreciate how hard the class i go to is lol we start by running
    then bur-pees then sit-ups then push-ups and it just dont stop until you
    faint. and thats just the warm up.. this looks easy. standing in one spot
    the whole time.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Swampthing, I didn’t take offense or insult to your comment at all. That’s
      why there’s many levels of classes on a group fitness schedule. It’s all
      good. You keep doing what you doing & continue getting those results.

    • swampthing401

      +GiveMe10Fitness thanks man I hope you didn’t take that as an insult
      there’s different levels for different people I’ve never taken cardio
      kickboxing before and this class that I’m in now is the seventh circle of
      hell stay strong and keep getting those people in shape! the class looks
      fun and that’s the most important thing

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey SwampThing. I appreciate you dropping by. There’s different forms of
      classes & workouts which is good. Like you said, this maybe to easy for you
      depending what your looking for. Sounds like you like that hardcore
      Bootcamp style class which is all good. A good mixture that’s challenging
      is all good. Keep it up, stay strong & keep that focus.

  10. Stephanie Van Wyngaarden

    Hi, I was wondering if I could have permission to teach this class? Thanks!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hello Stephanie. Sure you have my permission. Rock it!!!!! Make me proud.

  11. dayna frank

    Quick question: Do you really practice and rehearse your combos/choreo, or
    do you do it on the fly and wing it? I will be teaching a cardio kickboxing
    class next week and am curious. Thanks!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank You, Fitness kickboxer.

    • fitness kickboxer

      +GiveMe10Fitness nice

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      About 15 years

    • dayna frank

      Very impressive. How long have you been teaching kickboxing?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Dayna. No, I don’t practice or rehearse. Definitely on yet fly &
      whatever pops in my head.

  12. Hadassa Nachoum

    Thank you!!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      You’re welcome Hadassa

  13. leticia frayre

    hola en que parte das esas clases?

  14. robynozz

    You are fabulous!!!! Great combinations, great transitions, great cueing,
    great energy and great crew! Thank you for sharing. Kudos from Canada.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Robynozz Thank You so much for your comment. I’ll keep it going

  15. Tunisia Riley

    when are you going to put out more videos?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hello Tunisia. I’m working on it. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Nadya ChopperNyA

    I never thought to do this workout. I’m so happy … this exercise is
    amazing… you are ammaaaziiing. I’m from México. Pleaseeeeee more workouts
    like this. I need you. The world needs you. Gracias my friend.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Nadya. I’m glad you did it & was pleased. Thank you so much for
      checking me out. The world needs me(smiling). I’m in the process of making
      another one. Check out the rest of my videos & let me know what you think.

  17. Anthony Carlyle

    which Lifetime do you teach at?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thanks Anthony. I appreciate it.

    • Anthony Carlyle

      Im at the one in Rockville, Md. Keep up the good work bro!!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Berkeley Heights, NJ

  18. miasunshyne cdance

    i dont do kickboxing because the 2 classes i took bored me. i teach my own
    dance fitness class where there is diff choreography and a lot of combos so
    i could pick this up fairly easy. this style was new to me but i luved this
    video 5 mins in and i made sure to subscribe. i will def be doing this is
    on my off days from dancing, jogging & weights! Good work man!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hello MiaSunshyne. I truly appreciate your professional comment. It’s good
      to know my work is appreciated & worth doing from different fitness pros. I
      hope to continue to inspire. Be ready for the next one. Keep your eyes
      open. Thanks again.

  19. shalom salto

    check in facebook firebox fitness

  20. Letitia Dee

    absolutely love this video!!!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you, Letitia

  21. Toni Morgan

    I missed my cardio kickboxing due to me taking a nap which was intended for
    only 30 minutes I slept for 3 hrs… Something told me to YouTube lifetime
    and I found your class thanks, great workout!!!!

  22. pitot1988

    So his kickboxing is not the same type is two persons in the ring then?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      +Vighpyr EXACTLY!!!!

    • Vighpyr

      +rottnimul hong Try not get hung up on the name “Cardio Kickboxing”. I
      teach cardio kickboxing, but I’m also a martial arts instructor. This isn’t
      a class to teach proper form and style of a martial art or the combat form
      of kickboxing. Instead, it is intended to be an exercise class that uses
      punches, kicks, squats, etc. to get the heart pumping, lungs going, and the
      sweat pouring. Kickboxing and Cardio Kickboxing are two different beasts
      that have some commonalities as far as some movements and techniques, but
      are designed to achieve two different ends. You are 100% correct; with
      kickboxing, technique and form are paramount. For cardio kickboxing, not so
      much. But you know, at the end of the day, regardless of whether it’s
      called Cardio Kickboxing or needlepoint, our students enjoy it and greatly
      benefit from an enjoyable, effective, high-energy fitness class.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      +rottnimul hong ha ha ha… I know you’re liking my work. Thanks for
      dropping by.

  23. aguilacec

    WOW!! That was intense. You are an awesome instructor!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed it.

  24. Denise Galiano

    I love your stuff. It’s a great workout and fun to do. I’d love to
    incorporate it in my classes. Where do you get your music? I always have
    a hard time finding the right music for my workouts.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Make ur class feel it(Smiling). Yes, it’s no problem if you use it. If your
      close to NJ, then come take my class. The music will come on DropBox so you
      can download it. It’s a free shareware that’s easy to use

    • Denise Galiano

      Yay!!! I appreciate that. Thanks for the ok on ur choreo…I like to get an
      ok before I do anything. I’d love to take a class. I will send out the

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hello Denise. Thank you for dropping by. Use whatever u like in ur classes.
      This mix I got from my co-worker. I have a DJ that makes my music. I’ll
      sell you this mix for $15.76. Send it to my PayPal
      account( & I’ll DropBox it to you.

  25. Любовь

    It’s so cool and positive!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you so much

  26. PeruChita40

    I lost a lot of inches doing Kickboxing in the past, I got lazy and gain
    the weigh back, so glad I found this video, I will try it today – this look
    so intense and I love it, I know I will have a hard time at the beginning
    but I will get there – I love the punching and Kicking – this is awesome,

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      You got this. Let know if u like it. Work it!!!

  27. Christina Smith

    Thank you for posting such an awesome video

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      You’re very welcomed

  28. alba muñoz

    I need the music. where I get the music?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Alba. You can send $15.76 to my PayPal( & I will
      DropBox it to you once the money hit my account.

  29. Lauren Halloran

    I’ve tried all of your kickboxing classes and love them! Please post more

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Lauren. Thanks for dropping in & leaving positive comments. Yes,
      working on a little routine now.

  30. GiveMe10Fitness

    Me Adams, thank you for dropping by. You’re welcome for the workout. Come
    back again.

    • Rani Khatun

      +GiveMe10Fitness This is very nice and informative I like it so much.
      Something I also found useful for how to be fit and healthy tips
      is Moorack Get Fit Miracle – it should be on google if you need it

  31. Me Adams

    It started off kind of slow, and I thought,”This is going to be too
    easy”…it wasn’t 🙂 thanks so much for this high energy workout!

  32. Aleshia21

    I just found your videos a few weeks ago and have restarted my health &
    fitness journey working out to them. Excellent instruction, awesome energy
    and great music! Thank you for posting these!!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hello Alesha21. Thanks for finding me. I hope you’re enjoying my work.
      Thanks for the compliments. I truly appreciate it. Stay tuned

  33. Amada540

    I love this video!!! I sweat so much while I’m doing it. Can’t wait to see

  34. Sandi Moore

    Love your style of teaching. Name of your song PLEASE first 10 mins of
    your CD

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Sexy & I know is the name of it.

  35. Julie Catalasan

    Fast-paced kickboxing cardio – awesome! Great cueing – I was able to follow
    along with very little problems.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you, Julie. I appreciate you dropping by checking out my work. Come
      back for more

  36. Baldwin Alexander

    love love love!!! #giveme10rocks

  37. ZYNMamma

    Thanks :)

  38. ZYNMamma

    Your personality is amazing! Awesome workout! What bmp do you use for your

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you, ZynMomma. I appreciate it. I play my music at 150bpms

  39. Priscilla McGhee

    Please tell there is a video I can purchase? 

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      I will post more videos on YouTube with a small group of members. Making an
      actual DVD is in the works.

    • Priscilla McGhee

      +GiveMe10Fitness is that permanent or will more be generated.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Sorry. No video to purchase at this time.

  40. Lessy Sumaya Rosario Dunker

    Hi! I just wanna say this is AMAZING!! I’ve tried to do normal aerobics
    and zumba in my house but didn’t quite work for me, I got bored by minute
    15 until I stumble with this awesome and latino spark video. You don’t get
    bored that easily, it’s very enganging and motivating and the moves+the
    music is the best combo to keep you going even if you are tired and have to
    crawl instead of walk. jejejeje. I recommend this video to anybody that
    wants to do fun exercises with a lot of energy, even if you don’t do too
    much exercise or you are beginning. This is the most awesome, fun, pump
    with energy way to start, and it’s addictive. Plus, you can learn some
    dance moves too. I can’t wait to check the other classes videos uploaded
    and for what it’s coming. I will stay tuned for more. Best of wishes and a
    lot of success to you, GiveMe10Fitness. You are awesome, one can tell you
    love what you do. Thanks for uploading the videos.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      WOW!!! LESSY. Thank you a million for those words. That was so nice of you.
      I will keep it going & try to keep inspiring. Now I have to get on my grind
      to get the next video going & uploaded. Please stay tuned. Keep working my
      videos. U have motivated me to get more creative. So I Thank you.

  41. Caryn Lombardo

    WHEW that was a nice workout!! You are great at motivating with your
    enthusiastic moves and fun soundtrack. Thanks! :)

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Caryn, thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed my work.
      Stay tuned for another one soon

  42. volteretaify

    This was an AMAZING class! I thank you so much!!!! I haven’t as yet found a
    kick boxing class that is so fun and aerobic at the same time!!!! You’re
    attitude is amazing, I LOVED IT! I’ve never ever written a comment on you
    tube before, but I was so inspired I just had to write something 🙂 Please
    put up another vid! Great great teacher!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you so so much for that. I really appreciate it. I have couple more
      videos up. Check them out. You might like them. I’m planning to put up
      another one in a week. Keep your eyes open & keep rocking to my videos.

  43. Delcy Martins

    Did this class for the first time. I’m drenched of sweat. I need another
    class please! You are amazing!!!@

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Welcome. Keep me posted.

    • Delcy Martins

      +GiveMe10Fitness thank you!!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Clean Start by Nature Sunshine. Get it from Amazon.

    • Delcy Martins

      +GiveMe10Fitness can you really recommend one?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Delcy, maybe you could start with a 14 day cleanser. This will help jump
      start your metabolism. I’m not sure about your eating habits & workout
      regimen. More conversation with may trigger something that I can help you

  44. Eloiza Boscolo

    apos 2 meses tentando, somente hoje consegui fazer a serie completa . Que
    loucura !!!!!kkkkkkkkkkkk ,

  45. Jackie Grupe

    Did this for the first time today and am happy to say I made it all the way
    through. It kicked my butt, but I made it. You’re a great teacher…love
    how you give a preview of the next move and/or say what’s up next a few
    beats ahead–great for someone like me who’s not the most coordinated. The
    only thing missing was a cool-down at the end.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Jackie, I truly appreciate your thoughts & your determination on rocking
      out to my video. You comments will keep me going & motivated. You keep
      rocking out to my videos & I’ll keep inspiring. THANK YOU.

  46. Katiya C

    Your class is so great…. Love your music…. how can I get a copy of it?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Katiya, thank you for your purchase. Can you please email.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you, Katiya. Glad you enjoyed my class/video. For $15 to my
      PayPal( I can get you a copy. Let me know

  47. Dianne York

    That big blond in the light pink need to move to the back…lol. She has no

  48. Ilcsi Takács

    I can’t stop…..fantastic. Now this trainer is the BEST!!!!! I love it!!!
    More video, please!!!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you so so much. I truly appreciate it. I’ll see what I can do.

  49. Eloiza Boscolo

    Maravilhoso !!!!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank You.

  50. Shari McGuirk

    I love your energy and choreography! What BPM are you using? Thanks for
    posting. You inspired me to bring new moves to the classes I teach.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Shari. You can send me $15 to my PayPal account & I’ll get you a copy
      of this cd I’m playing.
      My PayPal is Let me know.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      The music is 150 – 152 BPM

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hello Shari. Thank you for checking out the video. I’m glad I can inspire
      you & help you get creative. Come back & check me out soon.

  51. Yolandria Crittendon

    Thank u!!!

  52. Yolandria Crittendon

    I love this Life Time Cardio Kickboxing Class Instructor he make me want to
    work out every day. Wow “” 

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Go get your workout in. I’m glad I can inspire you.

  53. Yolandria Crittendon

    Work it out!! Great Class u know what u r doing.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you. I appreciate it. I’m about to make another instructional video.
      Keep your eyes open

    • Yolandria Crittendon

      You know what u r doing with all of these work out. Thank u!!!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Yolandria. Thanks for checking me out. I truly appreciate the positive

  54. Chelsea Leigh Fries

    I had a smile on my entire face for the whole duration of the class. Wow!
    This is also a great teaching tool for instructors needing guidance on how
    to build a class! Totally effective, easy to follow, and a wonderful, cheek
    burning experience. 

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hello Chelsea. I truly appreciate you checking out my class/video & the
      positive comments. This helps keeps me going & challenging myself as well
      as the classes. So thank you, Chelsea.

  55. Henning Braun

    Thank you so much… I will implement some of the movements in my class…
    Best from Germany…

  56. BCsenge97

    I like it 😀 Thx!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you so much.

  57. Ilizabeth 77

    Desi i know you are busy. … but I would like to remind you to post a new
    video.. ciao

    • Ilizabeth 77

      That’s fine post the one you have… Thanks a lot….

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Llizabeth. Thanks for staying in my back. It’s all good. I actually
      recorded my class again, but the camera cut off on my @ 51 minutes. I may
      post it anyway. I was trying to wait until I got an entire 55-58 mins.

  58. nazanin b

    This is good I do this early morning before I go to work and it whips me
    into shape

    • nazanin b

      I look forward to it, thank you

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Nazanin B. Thanks for checking out the video. I’m glad you enjoy the
      workout. Check me out next week. I’m planning to video another workout

  59. Chariese Whitt


    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Chariese, thank you for doing my video. Glad you & your daughter enjoyed
      it. WOW!!! 4 days a week is good. Keep it up. Check back next week for a
      new video.

  60. nonee65

    I am soooooo glad I found this workout,, I watched it through first—and
    at first attempt lasted 40 minutes! I WILL do it all the way through in
    time,,, cut back for a few seconds when it gets tough—but get back in to
    it. Thanks for this my new friend—best wishes from Ireland 😉
    Look forward to the next ones!!!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Nonee65. Thanks for checking out my video. Hang in there & you’ll get
      it. You want a tough workout that will challenge you. I hope the next one
      you’ll check out. Come back again.

  61. lisa k

    I’ve never been to a better Cardio Class. I will just telling my boyfriend
    about this class I took when I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I believe I
    attended your class. Still rocking it out I see =)

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Lisa K. Thanks for the love & rocking to my video. I truly appreciate.
      Come back again.

  62. glenda fonseca

    Hi!!! Amazing workout!!!! How many bpm are those songs?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Glenda. You can send me $15 to my PayPal account & I’ll get you a copy
      of this cd I’m playing.
      My PayPal is Let me know.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hello Glenda. Thank you for checking out the video. I hope you enjoyed it.
      I did a new one tonight but I think I need to redo it. The music is

  63. Chi Aleksyeyev

    thanks for sharing… what a awesome workout. i workout from home and this
    is one of the things i miss about the gym. i had so much fun and plan on
    doing this workout again :)

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hello Chi. Thank you for checking out the video. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Keep a lookout for the next one

  64. Amy Owen

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  65. redhairmagdalena

    One of the best workouts I’ve seen in while. I love your energy! Thank you
    so much for uploading this workout. I’m looking forward to your next one!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Redhairmagdalena, thanks for checking out the video. I hope you were able
      to get a good sweat. The next will be just as good. Keep your eyes open for

  66. Maria Jose

    me gustaria que despues de cada rutina se haga el estiramiento y relajacion
    de los musculos gracias 

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Maria. On my next video I’ll make sure I’ll do a cool down with some
      light stretching. Thank you for checking out my video.

  67. wunkey jones

    I just discovered this today, and omg, you have so much energy can’t wait
    to do this workout.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thank you Wunkey Jones for checking out my video. I hope you got a good
      sweat on. Keep your eyes open for the next one.

  68. Alma Martinez Nunez

    Love it. I am a Zumba instructor about to get my certification kick boxing.
    Definitely learned a lot about queing and the combos it so much diffrent
    varirties. Thank you so much for sharing Love the music where did you get

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Alma. You can send me $15 to my PayPal account & I’ll get you a copy of
      this cd I’m playing.
      My PayPal is Let me know.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      I got the music from

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      You welcome Alma. Glad you enjoyed it. I will be posting another video next

  69. Tammy Bernal

    I really want to try this, is there a video I can buy or is there a way to
    get it on my tv from my smart phone? Help

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Tammy. Not sure what type of TV you have, but you connect your smart
      phone or computer to your TV via USB port.

  70. Judy Roberts

    Wow, today was my first day doing this class, it was tuff. I cant wait to
    see the results 30 days from now!!!! Love it so full of energy.

    • Judy Roberts

      Thanks, can’t wait to do it 🙂

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Stick with it Judy. I might post another one by next week Friday.

    • Judy Roberts

      +lena stoute Girl I was on doing it at home. Love it.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Lena. This was done at LifeTime Athletics Berkeley Heights, NJ

    • lena stoute

      Where are you doing this?

  71. Joni Price-Flink

    Fun…Super high energy……Followed along, but cut out some of the jumpy
    steps(still kept my feet moving)

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Joni-Price. Thanks for checking out the video. Hope you got a good

  72. GiveMe10Fitness

    Hello Subscribers. I apologize for not replying to your comments. I been
    crazy busy with teaching & training my clients. I’m gonna take time out to
    reply & catch up on the comments. I must thank you all for subscribing &
    leaving your thoughts. Don’t give up on yet. 

    • Naturalli Beautiful

      I can’t get through this. I gave up after I pushed myself to complete it
      and almost fainted LMAO

  73. sue salmela

    great work out and thanks for sharing….wow!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Welcome sue. I will post another one soon


    I figured he taught 20+ classes a week. He’s def. holding my attention.
    Very engaging and not boring. :-)

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Lisa. Thanks for dropping by & commenting on my video. I appreciate the
      positive feedback. I’ll try to make another one soon. Watch out for it.

  75. PDH 06

    Love this class…had so much fun doing the workout didn’t realize 50 mins
    had gone by…Thanks for the workout

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      PDH 60, thanks for commenting. I’ll try to post another one soon.

  76. Fran G

    I find myself doing this workout at least 5 times a week if not more!

    • Fran G

      Looking forward to it!! God Bless

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Fran that’s awesome!!! I’ll see if I can post another one. Thanks for your

  77. Marcos Solis

    I enjoyed the video very much. I also give an aerobics kickboxing class.
    I need to get new music for my classes this year. Where could I get high
    energy music like this from?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Funatt50, thanks again. I will check my account so I can get your info to
      send it. If you want it quicker, I can Dropbox it. Let me know.

    • funatt50

      Just sent payment to your paypal…Can’t wait to receive it…you are so
      motivating…you should market your brand..:)

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Funatt50, you can get a copy. It’s $15.74. My paypal is

    • funatt50

      +GiveMe10Fitness Can I please get a copy at $15.00?

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Hey Marcos. You can send me $15 to my PayPal account & I’ll get you a copy
      of this cd I’m playing.
      My PayPal is Let me know.

  78. tysie moore

    Please make more videos! I really enjoyed!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Tysie, I will post another one soon. Keep your eyes open.

  79. Sarah Frank

    Great workout!

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thanks, Sarah

  80. Victoria Cascio

    Way better than Turbo Fire! Except at the very end, you got your Chalene on
    a little bit LOL Burned 500 calories doing this, thank you. 

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Victoria, thank you so so much for that. I’ll see if I can post another one

  81. Lilly “Mrs. G” T

    Oh my goodness!!!! My daughter and I did this workout last night at it was
    great. Great instruction and burned lots of calories. I will continue this
    until I can complete the entire workout without stopping. Thanks for
    sharing your talents.

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Lilly, thank you & your daughter for doing the video. You guys hang in
      there. Just have fun. Before you know it, you guys will complete it.

  82. Michele Penta

    looks like a really fun class, love the choreography! 

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thanks, Michele

  83. Simora Cheeks

    Loved this! It was so high energy, great calling cues and the instructor is

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Simora, thank you for the positive feedback. I will post another one.

  84. Elisabeth Kroner

    At first, it was a little bit hard for me to understand the choreography
    (or whatever) … But it was SOOO much fun, thank you!! 😀 I’m sweating
    like crazy ‘:)

  85. Jhea Vega

    I love it! And the Instructor is AWESOME!!! :)

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Thanks, Jhea

  86. Joni Price-Flink

    Wow…. Intense… I like it… Too much all at once (for me) but I
    managed to get through with a short break…. Couldn’t follow all the
    steps, but kept moving…. No cool down, which was disappointing…

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Joni Price. Hang in there. Do whatever you can & then attack it again. I’m
      sure you’ll get it. Thanks for commenting.

  87. Melinda Durham

    Great workout but don’t have anyone stand in front of the camera next time.
    The girl in pink couldn’t keep up and it was distracting. 

    • GiveMe10Fitness

      Melinda, I understand. No promises but I’ll try. Thanks for your comment.

    • sue salmela

      funny, I never saw here – interesting what we all observe!

    • dhgina dean

      WHAT??!! Who has time to watch someone in pink. I never noticed anyone but
      the instructor. It’s called FOCUS 🙂 !!

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