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Published on January 8, 2014

LAUREN SIEGERT December 12, 2014 at 7:21 pm Edit
“This one was super brutal! With 45 second HIIT rounds amid complex
kickboxing sets, I had to extend a couple of the breaks. The abs portion
was fairly difficult, as well. I struggled during the jackknife crunches —
my legs were already too shot from the first part of the workout. I’m happy
to say I made it through, and I’ve earned a pasta dinner with my boyfriend


Cardio Kickboxing and Core Workout


  1. Ezequiel Serrato

    proud of my self I did itttt yesss

  2. Surabhi Mahadevan

    hey guys can you make full length vedio with only kickboxing pleeeease??

  3. Tamás Kalauz

    10:40 this is not a duck. this is a weave.

  4. LOOVER006

    Loving it, although it’s brutal!

  5. saroj napit

    hell love this kickboxing combination great work 🙂 and thanks (y) (y)

  6. Ayu Triandari

    great intense cardio workout and killer core exercise! thank you, Fitness
    Blender :)

  7. Rosannasfriend

    Great thanks!

  8. Harrish Moorthy

    I pushed myself through the kick boxing and hiit !but couldn’t do the core
    its too damn hard

  9. geremi

    what I like about this video is that he made mistakes n it wasnt edited.
    saying we all make mistakes n we can do this… AWESOME video going to add
    this to my routine thanks man keep it up

  10. SilenceIsEasy7

    You’re evil Daniel…. 🙂 It was really hard for me, I think is more like a
    level 5, but somehow I pushed through.

  11. Merianne Wong

    Can women try this too because the workout seem so hard to do.

    • Merianne Wong

      +Sissel thanks. 🙂

    • Sissel

      +Merianne Wong there is no gender specific workout

  12. Ne May

    Brutal !

  13. Paul Volkov

    Daniel, amazing workout! Haven’t caught synchronized tempo yer due to
    boxing variations that’ve boggled my mind a bit:) however, the rest of it
    was just great! Thank you very much for that:)

  14. tony hawk

    I almost threw up

  15. fahrizal siswanto

    Difficult , but i Love it

  16. Emily Ward

    Loved this workout! Super fun and exciting, the ab workout at the end was

  17. Claudio Castro

    I loved how they suck on the workout, meaning it’s really brutal. Great

  18. Fear few man

    the abs workout killed me

  19. Ashley Del Vasto

    Wayyy more challenging then I though. Tired to keep up with the punching
    combos… Then I just started punching and kneeing the air lol. Great
    workout! I swear I will be better next time 

  20. gonzalo navarrete

    I’m not impressed by your performance!

    • gonzalo navarrete

      Just kidding!!very nice

  21. 김민정

    this is too hard for me now, i`ll challenge later definitely

  22. Ramie Kh

    Just finished

  23. Darkizer

    i really feel heavy when doing butterfly jump, so i cheated only doing 30
    or 15 sec, dunno why, i think my leg gonna pass out :/

  24. Matt Sampley

    Totally did not want or feel like working out today but I need this one and
    feel so good after I’m done.

  25. Ferry Zal


  26. smfgreat

    Difficulty 4?! More like 6.

  27. Francis Mallari

    I can’t believe I pulled that rough excercise… damn.. Ahahahaha Thanks
    for the workout! :)

  28. augie obrien

    Don’t be a clock watcher just trust his voice and you’ll get through it.

  29. gerard mckenna

    I’m relatively new to all this and like how you admit that some of these
    exercises take their toll on you as well, you’re not just going through
    these effortlessly , you’re persistence despite the pain spur me on, thanks
    mate keep up the good work.

  30. Cihan Taşkın

    Very Nice.

  31. jason A

    try to keep a tight fist gotta keep the jabs fast and try not to wind up
    your uppercuts to much although really good tutorial

  32. seanyboy1436

    i want to cry

  33. Judyta Furs

    O Matko! To było strasznie ciężkie ale się udało. Dobrnęłam do końca. It
    was hard but I did it.

  34. Jeffrey Tocao

    Thanks fitness blender! because of y’all workouts, I look defined as ever!

  35. augie obrien

    In the immortal words of Tony Toni Tone- “It feels good!!!”

  36. angie rotten

    another fantastic wrkout ! thanks !

  37. Lhonor

    Challenging…but we all love a challenge don’t we! 

  38. Lauren Siegert

    Yep, that one is still rough. My kickboxing moves were pretty sloppy during
    those last couple of sets! I still cannot master the plank with kickthrough
    — my brain just can’t seem to comprehend what limb to move at any given

  39. phenobarbitalmv75

    This work out kicked my @$$ 

  40. Nwando Horton

    Oh my goodness…this workout! What the…?! Ugh, y’all got me again but I
    pushed through. I felt uncoordinated at times but that’s ok, I will get it.
    You guys do such amazing work, thank you!!

  41. Tahj Browne

    Awesome, effective workout

  42. Arkadi Gavin

    not gonna lie, I puke more than halfway through this. I think I’m gonna
    stop there

  43. Daniel Dziubanowski

    One thing I would fix, is more hip movement when punching, if we’re talking
    about kick-boxing.

  44. Tiffany Blair

    Suckin’ wind and sweatin’! LOVE IT!!

  45. Yomiel

    wheezing so badly. this is harder than some of your longer workouts. doing
    this I thought my lungs were going to collapse…

  46. Ariane Perron

    this is so killer, not even half way through and I’m dead!! gonna keep
    going though! 

  47. the bean

    by the time i reached the abs part i felt as tho my body just said girl
    it’s time to just chill we don’t have any more fuel lol but i pushed as
    much as i could but couldn’t do all seven core 🙁 

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