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Published on June 11, 2012

MUDITIMUM MOSU February 9, 2015 at 6:18 pm
“Dear Coach K., thank you for your powerful motivational energy, thank you
for your dedication, and thanks for helping me recover from my open heard
surgery just over a year ago. I am stronger than ever.
Looking forward to seeing and working out to your videos for a long time to
Keep it up!”


Cardio Kickboxing Exercises


  1. Shay Pyron

    Great workout! !!

  2. Gábor Farkas

    Man.. I didn’t do your workout for a while and you KO’d me in the fourth
    round.. (Y)

  3. k.c.a. schneider

    Only made it to round 3, aiming for 4 next time.

  4. Left Sock

    Great work out

  5. popi toto

    Great instructional lesson!I will begin this tomorrow..I have been doing
    kicking before but I think not so good!

  6. BadVidsMusic

    I can’t feel my arms, it’s a great workout, thanks bro!

  7. Karl Apolonio

    First time finishing it with dumbells. Nice workout.

  8. Alison Teng

    Finishing the whole thing feels awesome!

  9. Nicolas Sugranes-vega


  10. Pao Gonzales

    Hey coach? thanks for this awesome workout .. i hope i could get one hasfit
    t shirt


    this is superb workout this really help to burn thefat

  12. uwemarcel

    the same but with abs !!!! it would be great

  13. saudalhelal

    Can plz put a version with no music for Muslims ..

  14. Mubangamumba

    wow!!!!! am loving this!!! best workout EVER!!

  15. Tammy Walsh

    how many cals does this burn

    • Amy Hunter

      +Tammy Walsh Your weight, metabolic rate and the intensity of your rest
      periods will greatly vary the number of calories you burn so it’s difficult
      to say.

  16. Miguel Hernández

    Loved this, not much into cardio, but these kickboxing stuff, love them,
    best way to start doing cardio, not only with your legs.

  17. Jeremy Penn

    fantastic bro!

  18. anixaceleste04

    Too much talking

  19. jkalderash

    Can you please explain what a split kick is? I kept trying to do what he
    was doing and losing my balance!

    • dgeentje

      +jkalderash It’s, as I understood, a “switch” – kick. Which means switching
      your basic stance. (Right comes up front if you’re right-handed) And then
      placing a kick with your hind leg.

  20. shirlee carver

    love it !! as always thank you !

  21. zeyad gardner

    Started kickboxing about two months. Just wanna say i always anticipate the
    days i go. and this is a killer workout. thank you

  22. Busydoingyourmom

    ok so here is a question, can i use protein shakes after this workout and
    what effects will it have?

  23. Elegalie G

    hella good work out, I recommend it…

  24. Saikiran Reddy

    Literally knocked me out man…. My fat is sobbing like a biyautch… :p

  25. Kathleen Espiritu

    first time doing this workout! it was super intense and challenging. going
    to do this once a week at home in addition to my active lifestyle and
    fitness classes

  26. sikunt jokes real name zyzz (ronaldo)

    what are those jk sik vid man

  27. Shamir Khan

    love this workout… how many calories can a person burn during this

    • Ronnie Phillip

      +Shamir Khan pretty much, your breakfast

  28. Shamir Khan

    love this workout… how many calories can a person burn during this

  29. Robert Finlay

    That was incredible!!

  30. Sofiane Aoued


  31. yoko saumon

    Thank you so much !! This is great work out video and you motivate me so
    well!! Please make some more video like this!!

  32. Scout Fowler

    Aweome thanks your very motivating. .

  33. chelsea matthews

    I love your workouts

  34. Theresa Pavon

    I love this workout! Thank you so much.

  35. Robert C. Norman

    like your video

  36. Laura Licursi

    Good workout…I needed to switch things up…thank you!

  37. Ivonne Vega

    I love it, it’s really great, thank you so much

  38. Nabeel Ahmed

    This is a great workout. I discovered it over two years ago, and I still
    find myself going back to it now and then.

  39. Jhefferson Mancera


  40. Robert Owen

    How heavy are the weights in this video? I have been trying to use 8
    pounds, but it’s a bit difficult.

  41. sniebow

    thank you coatch.

  42. JonneNumeroYksi

    i just eat bag of chips and watch this

  43. Aileen Santana

    Just half hour, it’s better than one hour in the orbitrek.

  44. Colonel Snow

    Sweat is actually the water your body dismantles ;s the more sweat doesn’t
    mean the more calories burn ;s

  45. Mxn Prince

    Does this help a lot with building muscle? Thats what I need

    • Rvqsx

      This is to burn fat not build muscle it’s intense cardio. If you want to
      gain muscle you should do strength exercises and eat a lot of protein or
      take protein shakes after working out

    • Youre Owned

      +Mxn Prince that’s what i would like to know too ;D

  46. Roxanne Sutton

    This workout was awesome! It kicked my a**

  47. Tiffany Rose

    Is it OK that I shout “I hate you” at the screen near the end, even though
    I don’t?! Lmfao love this workout!!! Xxx

  48. Pebbles Cain

    Really great kickboxing workout 

  49. Iqra Aaliya

    Awesome workout…i am sweating bullets after doing this workout..very
    motivating coach….i like the idea of putting motivational pics in between
    the breaks…i am totally hooked on this one..Lol….

  50. Alimike Ahmadi

    If im doing this 3times a day for 10weeks, how many kg will i lose? 

  51. Does Mommy Love It?

    Yo you are awesome for this workout…. I’m here at least every other day!

  52. Trinitrotoluene Tnt

    Well if someone tells me I’m cute now, I’m going for a model

  53. Anthony Arreola

    First time doing any working out in over a year and boy did i only get to
    the end of round two! What a great killer workout! cant wait till i can
    finish it!

  54. Reggie Knuckles

    Bro just did this workout, I looooveeeddd it, thank you my friend

  55. Brooke Smith

    Did this work out today and dang it kicked my butt!!! Looking forward to
    day 30 of the challenge!!!

  56. Riggstein

    Oh Coach have mercy!

  57. Etsuyo Takahana

    got to 30 minutes and everything after that was just me trying not to drown
    in my sweat and being a limp soggy noodle.
    My body is like a slip n’ slide right now

  58. Susan Thurber

    loved this workout. dripping sweat and the coach was so motivational. i
    want more!!!

  59. Chefmasterkaga

    Thank you so much for this workout.I’m halfway through my second block of
    p90x3 and haven’t missed any workouts, but for some reason, my MMX workout
    disc freezes up halfway through.I decided to substitute this workout for
    the MMX since they are similar, and I really enjoyed it.I will be checking
    out more of your workouts. Thanks again….

  60. ipponata hyuga

    Don’t dread this workout! You will feel great when you complete this. Let’s
    do this!

  61. Jennifer Ruiz Veve

    Get ready to sweat buckets!

  62. Monica Chrysanthou

    Great kickboxing workout!!! Love it!!! And it ain’t any cuteness at the
    end!! Lol

  63. D503z

    Great workout, God bless you, coach Kozak!

  64. Avid Lolachi


  65. alala

    hahahaha this will make you scream your nemesis name in the last round! wow
    never got so joyfully worked up before!ever! s u b s c r i b e d~

  66. veronica villavicencio

    thanks to p90x program i could work so hard doing your great cardio
    kickboxing video…. and im sweating like hell!!!!…awesome!!!! thank

  67. Scott Monroe

    fun TOUGH workout definitely will be watching more of your videos

  68. Migle

    wow, i got sweaty, like real sweaty… ;DD thanks, i loved it, that was

  69. Davian Peat

    Had fun and got a good sweat. Good stuff

  70. gigi matosin

    great workout i feel good after this insane job…:) tks kozak man!

  71. Ellnims

    Oh god I’m sweating a lot, I could feel it dripping, some even got into my
    eye! And since I’m the type of person who doesn’t sweat much, that’s
    awesome! I feel great! 

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    • Matthew Wood

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    • Ryan Lopez

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  73. S Ann

    31:45 sweat is fat crying um, ok lol

    • Ann Johnson

      awesome workout!

    • Ann Johnson

      awesome workout!

    • purnell howard

      U are the number. One lady of fitness. And health on YouTube.

  74. Burn Personal Training

    Kickboxing is such a great workout whether using a bag or just the air!

  75. andy jones

    Hammer Workout…… I Feel Good!…. Thanks Guys!

  76. Gracie Falletti

    that’s a good workout I do it every other night and it really works I can
    go around pickin fights with anyone [ ;

  77. lnfk

    What does he mean by “weight in your hips”?

  78. saxophone520

    nice workout love it!

  79. Sadie Frazier

    GREEAT now I can go kick my brother’s butt. After I spend a day in
    recovery. 😉
    -Subscribed, and liked. Best workout ever!

  80. παυλος λαλεας

    ωραιος ρε φιλαρα πολυ καλο προγραμμα!!!you are great men thanks!

  81. Nguyen Dang

    Right now I am doing the 60 days chanellege without any fast food and sodas
    to get lean got 10 days left

  82. Nguyen Dang

    I do this workout every other day in between

  83. steven fernandes

    I didn’t collapse at the end of the workout… I’m getting better

  84. javier diaz

    it was good, good, good, good, really what i was looking for.


    Burned out a little after 26mins

  86. clovdwalker

    wow i cant even finish this video but im getting closer everytime i do it

    • ipponata hyuga

      +clovdwalker You can do it!

    • steven fernandes

      Awesome. Let us know once you make it till the end!!!

  87. Dominic DiCarlo

    What a sweet workout! Used to do tae kwon do and it brought me back! Felt
    like I was back in my old master sungs school

  88. NyGhT hUnTeR

    Bro you are incredible, thx for this antrenament is really the best, today
    i can to finish that antrenament after 1 week, when i can trying to
    finish!!! Gj man!!!

  89. Gary Duffield

    great work out, im so tired now im really sweating! how many calories would
    this burn?

  90. Saskia L

    My nice relaxed coach from the 30 days for beginners program has turned
    into a monster 🙂 There is no way I can do this workout, due to my weight I
    can’t jump. I tried to join in for 15 minutes and then I was just fed up,
    too hard right now. But I will continue the get in shape program, do the
    excercises I can do and supplement with some plain aerobics. 

    • Mihai Andrei Anghel

      No matter what you’ll do, just don’t give up! You will get there.

    • lilacfloyd

      I did the Hasfit’s ’30 Days Challenge To Get In Shape Workout Plan’ a
      couple of times before moving onto the Warrior 90 day one. 😉
      It helped build up my stamina and lose some weight before tackling the 90
      day warrior. Mind you it’s still quite tough but in a good way. 🙂

  91. ebisawkward

    I’m a beginner. Like, REALLY a beginner, and could only do 24 minutes of
    the workout. But boy did it feel good. My goal: be able to make it through
    the whole video. 

  92. Jennyfer Monterroso

    i love the work out, but you should slow down when maneuvering to another

  93. Michelle Lane

    Thank you Coach Kozak for this workout! Without your workouts, I wouldn’t
    have lost 30 Pounds! :D

  94. TheSixfootthree

    That wore me out. I wanna take a nap now.

  95. Паv лоv vолк

    it begins on minute 6:20 for the ones who already got de instructions.

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