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Published on January 14, 2014

TIMEA CSIGE November 16, 2015 at 5:41 pm
“Hi, Kelly, Im keen on your workouts, finally I feel motivated and I love to
do it!!! And…of course I started to loose weight! Thank you for your nice
and powerfull workouts, keep on doing never give up!! :-)”


Cardio Kickboxing Workout


  1. Alexandra Georgiou

    Some guys just might hate me for saying this BUT..
    this one was one of the easiest Fitness Blender’s workouts

  2. Alexander Frischbutter

    add some music plz :)

  3. Dominique Smith

    I need that I am 100 plans and age is10

  4. Xxru Xx

    wow I feel great! The cool down really was the reward! I could just feel
    the stress rolling off my muscles!!

  5. Boytjetootje X

    You are sexy and you have à Nice butt

  6. Kitkat Thomas

    Kellis workouts are soooo good! They are the perfect difficulty for me, I
    can do it without stopping but it’s still a challenge!

  7. EmoLion435 /Olivia/MLPLover:3

    Who is doing this in december 2015? Im sweating my a** off!

  8. Laura

    Is it too little to do just this workout 3 times every week? Or is it
    enough to lose weight?

  9. Maria Vue

    Workout complete. :)

  10. Tionna Thomas

    Best part was seeing ‘Workout Complete’

  11. awkowtaco

    Just now discovering this channel… love it! Definitely will be checking
    out more fitness bender workouts ;)

  12. Ash

    I’ve been doing this only for a week but this is the first time I finished
    this without being tired at the end. No pain at all. First time I did it, I
    needed at least two more breaks to lie down on the floor.

  13. Ricardo Luna

    Guys, i want to burn fat, that’s all i want haha. Is it ok if i do this
    workout everyday? My goal is 45 pounds. I am not sure but i think that i am
    221 pounds more or less. Could anybody give me some advices?

    • ayne88

      Do hiit as often as you can,try to cut down on bad food and keep your
      stress down 🙂

  14. Ana Amaya

    good !!! you’re so nice

  15. Solstice36

    I’ve done a lot of Fitness Blender workouts and loved them. I have a bad
    knee but I was able to do 90% of the workout. Yay me!!! Quality workouts
    for free. Thank you guys so much. 

  16. Nicole Rodriguez

    love this workout! 🙂 Just finished and I’m definitely working up a sweat

  17. Carina Zamorano

    very cool i lost 29 pounds

  18. Jake nick

    Today is the day were i start my work out

    • T King

      Today is the day I start my workout

  19. Latela Telala

    workout complete

  20. Yadi Adil (Kurdistanakam)

    I just finished a 40 min workout so i’m gonna do this later

  21. L.A. Jameson

    I need music

  22. Nur Asyura

    love this workout a lot!

  23. Mario Peñalver Ortiz

    Excellent job

  24. Miz DareDevil

    it’S beEn a 1weeK sinCe I’Ve dOin yOuR woRk ouT..all I can sAy is ThaNks
    coZ I’ve Lost 1/2 kl of mY weiGht :)..keep it up..I love also kickboxing…

  25. what 316


    • what 316

      +ayne88 NAH BUT ALL OF U SHOULD BE

    • ayne88

      Not everyone’s at the same fitness level you doofus..

  26. Sara Kjeldsen

    Fun workout! 🙂 yay!

  27. Lavender Oluoch

    just 25mins a day keeps the doctor away

  28. Katiuska Church

    I love fitness blender. They have so much different exercises and they’re
    fun. I’m the kind of person who really likes to feel healthy and also to
    have that feeling of achieving something. My problem area is my belly. Is
    not I have a lot of fat there, but I like to see my belly flat. And fitness
    blender helps a lot. Every time I need to workout I think of fitness
    blender. I don’t like following challenges, but I surely love to pick
    everyday different short workouts and put them together as one, then
    everyday I have at least half an hour exercise of different exercises and
    in this way I definitely don’t get bored. And I think of the results of it
    in my health and body… I avoid doing booty workouts because I already
    have it very well haha.

  29. Regiena Regunathan

    I never knew there was a wall behind her :O

  30. XxHeatherTheHorse Xx

    I’m a professional kickboxer train & fight don’t mean to sound rude but
    your uppercuts and hooks are awfull.

  31. Stephanie PTY

    I just finished this workout and …I loved it!! thanks guys!!!

  32. Cheryl Wilson

    Great workout! I enjoy it without music :)

  33. joana michelle

    I loved this workout! Such a fun one by the way! ( =

  34. Sam Slowik

    made it til 13:28 but everyone is asleep now and i can’t jump around the
    sweat is pouring of me i cant wait to restart this video tomorrow after my

  35. femaleforester

    I had so much fun with this! Thank you Kelli

  36. Lizard Queen

    You have a really nice body. It’s distracting for some men.

    • PCP1992

      +Silver Phoenix Shut up white knight hahahaha!!!!

      When was the last time you got laid using those tactics?


    • Pumpkin Grantaire

      why did you have to add that “distracting for some men” comment then?!

    • Lizard Queen

      +Silver Phoenix No one is complaining but you Mr. White Knight.

    • Pumpkin Grantaire

      +Lizard Queen but if its “distracting to some men”, maybe they should get
      it together. its none of her concern

    • Lizard Queen

      Yes. What is with the attitude? The trainer is extremely attractive.

  37. Alrite haveit

    This girl is in incredible shape. She doesn’t even sweat.

    • Jaskiran Kaur

      no she gets reddd omg and i cant believe how she does all these workouts
      its incredible!

  38. Faith Elizabeth

    This was pretty fun to do. I hope you do more kickboxing videos <3

  39. Tara Haghighi

    Wow! This was great! I just finished this and before this I did another
    video of yours for beginners! I’m sweating as hell!

  40. Gaby Plamenova

    “Workout Complete” YES, now i have to do this till the end of the week and
    see if i got better! Then i’ll switch to another workout. I want to be
    healthier, wish me luck!

    • Sara Saeed

      Do u noticed any changes?

  41. Jessica Casama

    Made me sweat like a pig. lol

  42. izcoco perriwinkle

    this work out was great and had me sweating so much thanks

  43. payton bernett

    I was reading the comments before I did it and I thought it was gonna be
    hard but it really wasn’t at all..

  44. Kino Barrett

    God Bless Fitness Blender Videos

  45. Hayley Miller

    ive been working out and eating healthy but my stomach is bigger? im so
    confused n it makes me want to stop all together, do u know y this is

    • Philip Lutterodt

      hey maybe the food is making u feel bloated. pls. dont stop working out,
      sometimes u can’t see ur progress just by looking in the mirror. u can use
      a measurement tape, also be sure to check out our Fb videos, they have a
      lot of videos that target the core.

  46. fatema badawy

    wonderfull,many thanks

  47. Laura Coronel

    This is one of my favorite workouts on YouTube, it’s super fun and it makes
    me push my body to the limit (I’m a begginer)! Is it unrealistic for me to
    expect to have a body like yours, Kelli? I’m about 20 pounds overweight and
    I want to look like you *-*

    • ayne88

      Dont workout only for looking like someone.And yes just cut down on bad
      food and you can lose 20 lbs.

  48. Jay Park

    I like how she said CARDIO kickboxing. thank god she didn’t say kickboxing

  49. Madhu Nagesh

    Great job by Team fitness blender…i love working out with these videos

  50. alessandra hood

    I find uppercuts and hooks so annoying to do lol

    • Hayley Miller

      they’re the easiest haaha

  51. OnlyMeryM

    Absolutely awesome workout to burn fat with great fun of (kicking some ass
    :D) doing some kickboxing! 🙂 Perfect for what I need right now!

    Excellent work/workout! 🙂

    Definitely worth recommending! :)

  52. Heidi Wood

    McCoy wood

  53. Salima Tesfai

    Wow love this workout.

  54. Salima Tesfai

    Wow love this workout.

  55. Online Life


  56. nxndasays

    Thank you so much!! I’m losing 2 pounds per week 😀 I Know it’s not that
    much but I’ll be hot damn sexy for Christmas lol

  57. Brandi Jackson

    This was fun and not scary at all. I worked up a sweat without even
    thinking about quitting half way through. Thank you so much!

  58. Aprahim Huzen

    too hard for me
    can you suggest me smthng

  59. 0mp0y

    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed that.

    Just played some music in the background and it was awesome.

  60. Pedro Rincon

    good workout routine! Im 5’8 212 pounds and im Trina drop to 190.Surely
    this will help!

  61. Kumaran Illancheran Subramanian

    Great workout

  62. Kumaran Illancheran Subramanian

    Great workout

  63. soccersinger101

    is this considered a full body workout

    • Kim B

      +soccersinger101 yes it is

  64. JesiLoves

    i did this today and i felt amazing, i hope it helps me reach my fitness

  65. Christin Seegers

    Can’t wait to try this on my next workout day. Been doing various cardio
    workouts, various HIIT. So on and so forth. But Shadow Boxing is my

  66. Lauren Porter

    been struggling with finding a workout that suits me so I don’t have to
    miss anything out and this is the one that’s made me sweat the most so far!
    will defo be using this for a couple weeks 🙂 fitness blender is the best!

  67. Riachi

    FitnessBlender’s videos are way too hard for me. Sometimes I feel like I
    have asthma. I get out of breath wayyy too fast.

    • Connie CDF

      +Riachi …I found out I was going a little bit too fast, so I started
      doing their low impact videos for beginners. They make you sweat. Maybe in
      about 2 to 3 months I will have my cardio up where I can do their advanced

    • Peggy Williams

      +Monique Benton I totally agree with your words. My boyfriend told me to
      check out this site four months ago. Since I started with this method, I
      lost like 30 pounds. More important, I feel great, so I can vouch for this

    • Monique Benton

      +Riachi I am 22 years old, and since my childhood, I had constant troubles
      with too much weight. I tried virtually everything but it futile effort. I
      even tried extreme diet in combination with physical exercise but in the
      end my metabolism suffered and I ended up with additional health problems.
      I thought I will never lose weight until I accidentally found this site.
      This is link to it:
      *5WeeksDiet . com*
      It was impossible to believe how advice from this site finally made me to
      lose weight. I am new person, I lost 40 pounds and feeling perfectly! All
      this thanks to special diet from this site.

    • Kanzee

      +Riachi Check out  .. 6:54 &

    • Kako se potrefi

      +Riachi Hehehe

  68. Mf Teng

    I do this to keep warm in winter :D

  69. Mimi Gustave

    you guys really need to create an app like Nike+ Training. that would be
    exciting! !

  70. Roxana Rosado

    A very good exercise! thank you I love to make exercise at home!!.

  71. utydvh

    kelly is hot

  72. Mareena Khan

    i want to learn how to fight and do martial arts and stuff. I decided to
    start with regular exercise first, so is it an appropriate exercise for
    learning how to defend oneself ?

  73. Akansha Nathaniel

    i just love #fitnessblender… <3 thank you so much for providing wonderful
    workouts for free <3

  74. 유리

    How do I know how many calories did I burn with this? It shows from x to y
    burned calories, but sometimes the differece can be big. Does someone know?

  75. konokiLuong

    She’s so Hott, I am ashamed of my body lol

  76. Donna J

    Great workout, please more kickboxing videos…thanks

  77. Sian Moore

    I just have to say I have been doing this work out everyday of the week and
    omg I fell so relaxed and fresh thanks for making this video its helped me
    a lot xxx

  78. InThatMoment WeWhereInfinite

    For those people how are done this workout what is it like as a workout??

  79. Azman Matt

    Good for weightlost

  80. Gamer Tipps

    THanks so much i was 166 pounds 🙁 then i tried this and i lost 70 pounds
    already. 166-70=96 i weigh 96 pounds. I just went to the doctor also it was
    the same! Thanks :)

  81. Mariam Abd-elwahab

    is that high intensity or low cardio ?

  82. Shirin Ali (Shab)

    its funny how we eat during diet videos and start falling asleep during
    exercise ones

  83. Karen Ceballos

    @fitnessblender Hello! can I do this using a pouching box bag ?

  84. Bárbara Muñoz

    i love this workout <3

  85. Tara Mclean

    I completed this workout. Thank you FitnessBlender!!!!!

  86. Eloise gallant

    just tried this for the first time and got through the whole thing without
    any breaks. (except the water part of course) Good to know I’m fitter than
    i thought :)

  87. KaruBlack

    I actually finished that the first time around I am so proud

  88. KaruBlack

    I actually finished that the first time around I am so proud

  89. Red Sonya

    thank you fit this Great Kickboxing video- I’m hooked!!

  90. Aditya Kulkarni

    thanks so much…. Lady in the video is very pretty ,that really motivates

  91. Jimmy Merc

    ahhh shes so hot

  92. Kit McDonald

    This is a wonderful instruction video! A real woman doing a real workout
    instead of focusing on the camera and selling a product. Thank you. I’m
    adding this to my library of cardio!

  93. Lorena Vorquez

    esta muy bueno para mi ya que entreno lo mismo wua intenso

  94. BibiSheherBano

    Dayumm i feel good after this workout!! Almost had a heartattack and i
    can’t breath, but it feels good!!

  95. Tais Rangel

    Jesus, I almost died

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