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Published on June 18, 2013

I do not own any of this footage or audio, this is only for entertainment purposes.


Rob Kaman, Ramon Dekkers, Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost, Hesdy Gerges, Andy Souwer, Albert Kraus, Remy Bonjasky, Badr Hari, Gokhan Saki, Tyrone Spong, Sem Schilt, Errol Zimmerman, Robin van Roosmalen, Gago Drago, Alistair Overeem, Daniel Ghita, Nieky Holzken, Melvin Manhoef, Mohamed Khamal, Mosab Amrani and Murthel Groenhart.



  1. senol kozan

    jullie alle kickboxers hebben geluk dat ik nooit in de ringen ben gestapt
    want ik ben real niet te verslaan maar goed ik hou er van te kijken naar k1
    en daar hou ik het erbij.

  2. Tayyab Khan

    remy and badr the best

  3. Tayyab Khan

    remy and badr the best

    • Tayyab Khan

      +Robin MX actually every person has his personal choice or opinion. I do
      agree with u but in case of overeem I think he is not a kick boxer as
      compare to others like hari rami saki aerts…hari knockout overeem in few
      seconds. sorry for bad english

    • Robin MX

      +Tayyab Khan Everyone is the best at different aspects of fighting. I don’t
      think anyone has better knees than Overeem for example.

  4. Mason Barabelo

    2:41 Daniel Ghita it’s romanian fighters WTF?

    • Kickboxingplanet TV

      Trained in Holland most of his career and fights because of that like a
      typical Dutch Stylist.

  5. senol kozan

    Gokhan Saki THE BEST Forever!!! TURKISH

    • senol kozan

      +Kales50 asil sen suan kendi kendini rezil etin ben seni tebrik ederim!

    • Kales50

      +senol kozan bütün dünyaya rezil ettin bizi. tebrik ederim

    • senol kozan

      + DHJ82 I am born in the Netherlands.
      and have also had school in Netherlands.
      and I feel apsoluut not Dutch.
      and I feel turkish forever.
      so respect to Turkey not to Netherlands.
      Firstly, I am a Muslim second turk thirdly no ingratitude Dutchman born in
      we are the ottmaanse rich friend of respect to the people of the Ottoman
      never forget it.

    • DHJ82

      +senol kozan Dutch power more. Non of his skils come from Turkey. Born,
      raised and trained in Holland, not Turkey. Don’t claim him as a Turk, the
      only reason fights under your flag is because of diversity in the fighting
      game. It would be a bit boring otherwise to have all Dutch flags showing

    • senol kozan


  6. aziz hoceima

    badr hari best k1 fighter in history

    • Robin MX

      +aziz hoceima Badr Hari is the Jon Jones of Kickboxing. Both guys are great
      at what they do (MMA or Kickboxing). But they are idiots and douchebags
      outside the ring.

    • gjwv

      +aziz hoceima and worse sportsman in sports history

  7. Haydarcan Soylu

    saki <3

  8. Rutger Belksma

    I consider this your best video Roy!! Love it.

    • Kickboxingplanet TV

      +Rutger Belksma Haha thanks Rutger!

  9. Alexis Game

    RIP Ramon Dekkers,:(

  10. marre schumacher

    what is the name of that sick kick at 3:12 they do it twice in the video


    Take a look at Melvin his record. Or he loses or he wins on K.O.

  12. Wim Rutten

    Imagine you get into a stupid bar fight with these guys as a group and
    you together with your soccer team buddies.

  13. Nib Numbly

    The Dutch have a great history in the world of kickboxing / Muay Thai.
    Ramon Dekkers, Ernesto Hoost were heroes to me back in the day. Lol, they
    still are.

  14. soufiane houmani

    badr hari is number 1

  15. Julia Sporis

    Ramon dekkers the best

  16. sjaak86

    Who is the motivation speak at 1.33?

    • 饶文骢

      Rocky part 6

    • sjaak86

      +Joshua Woollard thnx!

    • Joshua Woollard

      It’s from a Rocky movie, the third one I wanna say but I’m not sure

  17. Sid EL-G

    0:55 that’s Jan Plas man on the right he is the one who got kickboxing into
    Holland. A legend !

  18. Enes Karabuğa

    What is name this song

  19. Kid Dynamite

    These Dutch fighters are all killers!

    • mark markovic

      +Kid Dynamite After Russians…..

    • Jason Redmond

      +m van winkelen If you want to. Why are you asking people you don’t know if
      you should try out a sport lol. Only you know the answer to that.

    • Kid Dynamite

      +m van winkelen give MMA a try.

    • m van winkelen

      iam dutch play soccer and iam tall should i try boxing?

    • m van winkelen

      thb dutch people are perfect fighters they’re healty Tall and strong

  20. Khalid Ahmad Mirkhel

    Only a few of the fighters were native Dutch…But I do have to say that
    Dutch Fighting Clubs makes Champions..Hats off to the trainers and their
    dedication. They really make us Proud.

    • Ajayh xxx (Trackminds)

      +Khalid Ahmad Mirkhel true but most of them are born and raised in holland
      just like me Im Moroccan but also dutch!!

  21. Michail Ros

    We should not debate whether a Dutch champion is “really” Dutch or not.
    Lets just be proud that the Dutch school brings so many champions. Even
    real foreign fighters trained by Dutch. Lets be proud of the multicultural
    society we have. We still have some issues but trust me we are way ahead of
    most countries. Count your blessings please!

  22. Remco Van Hengst

    Little country with a great legacy of creating great kickboxers and K1
    fighter. Ofcourse, represented by many backgrounds who live here, but the
    type and style of training elevates those skills. No simple one kick one
    punch combo’s. They basicly introduced the 3 or 4 lethal combo’s. Dutch
    style should be part of everyone who is training kickboxing. Lead in your
    killer combo…make your opponent deal with your intro kick and get in
    there unleashing your power.

  23. nigatello

    Wwe is better tho

    • Suwoo Santana

      +leroy Williams Haha obvious troll is obvious

  24. NaZ -oh

    great video ,

  25. O Yauşuhlu

    gökhan sakiyi gördüm hemen girdim :D

  26. Vicente Arroyo

    Muy bueno 

  27. M Arfan

    who was that on the treadmill sprinting at 3:55 in the video?

    • Kickboxingplanet TV

      +M Arfan Hesdy Gerges

  28. Heisen Berg

    I’m moroccan and i think that Hari is Dutch , because if he was there in
    morocco he wouldn’t become that famous , there is so much talented young
    man here in morocco but they don’t have where to bright and shine !

  29. Mo Botacelli

    What is the song numbers on this video plz answer men!

    • het onbekende

      i want to know to

  30. Timur chin

    jerome le banner is a great warrior .. this dude gives and takes it like a

  31. UnlimitedBison

    I’m new here I’m an illegal immigrant from WWE. Please say this is better
    than WWE

  32. Ashkan Fadaei


  33. Ashkan Fadaei

    What is the name of this song bicos I found it a nice song

  34. Ashkan Fadaei

    What is the name of that song?

  35. Ashkan Fadaei


  36. Ashkan Fadaei

    Please call Saki no Dutch man But A TURKE

    • Kickboxingplanet TV

      +Azte ka If Holland payed so much attention to their own national
      identity… Than Saki would’ve fought for Holland since he is a Dutch
      citizen and born over here. It’s not very common to have 2 passports,
      Holland gives that opportunity to a lot of people who have a native
      background. We’re very flexible with that and we respect other cultures
      something you can learn from, instead of being a massive patriotic dude…
      And for your own knowledge, Holland had colonies in the past that’s why we
      have so many different cultures in our country. Actually in Suriname most
      people speak Dutch, just like in Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, Sint-Maarten,
      Sint-Eustatius and Saba. Your appearance doesn’t tell anything about which
      country you should fight for… It’s not because he looks like a Turk, he
      should fight for Turkey, it’s his decision to fight for Turkey because he
      feels a strong connection with his native country. This is a quote from
      Saki himself in a interview: “I want to make Schiedam, Rotterdam, Amsterdam
      and Holland famous world wide and Turkey also, I was born in Holland and I
      fight for Turkey, I love Turkey just as much as Holland.” –> <-- (at 1:56). There are also a lot of Dutch Turks who fight for Holland. K-1 also wanted people to fight for other countries because it became more of a Dutch Championship instead of a world championship + The lac of national fame for the sporters and the bad image of the sport itself in Holland made guys decide to fight for other countries. In Holland you won't get famous easily from kickboxing because there are to many champs already, you've to be extremely good. If you are a good fighter, fighting for Turkey you'll be a national hero a little easier... so there are many reasons to think of why you should fight for your native country, instead of he looks like a Turk so he should fight for Turkey, that's just a bad argument.

    • Azte ka

      +Kickboxingplanet TV You keep ignoring the facts and u run around your
      tail, it’s not stupid and not racist, it’s just a fact, it’s not racist to
      call someone exactly what he is, he is a fucking turk, but i might
      understand your perception since you came from Holland, a country where
      every national teams are filled with backs marrocans and other blacks for
      aruba who are also somehow Dutch also lack of national identity and not to
      mention the lack of own language, just a mix of french and german, i can
      understand that, and believe me or not im not even racist.

    • Kickboxingplanet TV

      Done with this conversation. I think this is the biggest bullshit I’ve ever
      heard, and racist to say to. It’s totally not an issue if you’re black
      white or what so ever. If you’re born in Holland, speak Dutch fluently and
      lived there for almost 26 years, than you are Dutch. If he was raised in
      Turkey he would’ve never become the person he is today simple fact. Just
      accept it and be proud that he’s fighting for Turkey.

    • Azte ka

      +Kickboxingplanet TV You cannot make a black man a white just because he
      was rised in Sweden, period.

    • Kickboxingplanet TV

      +Azte ka Please bro… he even swears in Dutch. He’s born in Holland his
      first language is Dutch but his ethnicity is Turkish indeed.

  37. игорь вакулин

    Привет Всем…Пожалуйста Скиньте Ссылку Музыки Которая Играет В
    клипе(желательно всю)…Так Клип Ваще Суппер Долбяться Нормально Почти Все
    участники К 1…Короче мне понравилось…

  38. korado

    Badr hari 

  39. Mashan Huss

    who’s the fighter 1:27 ?

    • FRMOutsideSpace

      +Michos NL his handz though…dam near the fastest.

    • Mashan Huss

      thanx. just watched him, he’s a machine good hands and ko power

    • Michos NL

      Nieky Holzken, he’s a beast!

  40. auturk


  41. BrownLaser

    Who’s the guy at 3:20? Lightning fast hands!

    • yoruk efe

      you wellcome bro

    • BrownLaser

      +yoruk efe Awesome! Thanks!

    • yoruk efe

      he ıs Gokhan Saki

  42. BullBaine 023

    Aaahh, amazing the best heroes from my home country…incredible fighters
    because whatever the cost, they keep going…

  43. SimplyLimbo

    Even the girls in holland can fight lol. Tourists who come to Amsterdam got
    their asses kicked by girls when they smack their asses. 

  44. Afiso

    4:25 Ernesto Hoost

  45. jasser tunisiano

    Im from tunisia i love the golden boy badr hari ♡♡♡♡♡

  46. Vandal83

    Ramon The Legend Dekkers RIP

  47. Ali Gasumov


  48. big bang

    Dutch style is the Best 

  49. yoruk efe

    ım from turkey and ı love dutch people a lot,they are very honest,and brave

    • ARNO meesters

      +Timur chin the BEST

    • bleushift

      +Timur chin yeah sure we do! hahaha

    • Timur chin

      +bleushift I visite Holland some time ..they have nice Weed 🙂

    • HappyNipple( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      +Zarifix 99 Maakt niet echt uit voor mij

    • Zarifix 99

      +craXyassassin hahah i wish i could i used to live in the netherlands but
      moved to turkey cuz of my parents
      I like the netherlands more doe

  50. Rutger Belksma

    Verry nice upload mate!! Keep on going. 

  51. ПичвајзПикчерс

    5:45 Rob Van Edsonk answering the sudden call on his mobile phone.

    • FRMOutsideSpace

      Haha yes lol

  52. Shah Kz

    The Dutch school of kickboxing is the best in the world.

  53. ronki23

    Which is the best Muay Thay/kickboxing organisation? Because it’s WBC and
    WMC but I don’t know what Chang Cup is awarded by (Muay Thai World Series).
    I see WAKO is good for Western Kickboxing, but WKU (formally WKA) and ISKA
    seemed to have got shallower talent wise (i’ve seen world chamionships with
    straight finals in WKU and ISKA shows weren’t too well run).

  54. rallyivan1234

    stranges names everywhere

  55. snarfje008

    peter aerts, sem schilt ?

  56. Scott Merks


  57. Facundo Di Gennaro


  58. sk5williams

    Coming from a big KB fan outside of Europe, can someone tell me why the
    Dutch?? I heard they were the first to implement Boxing with Muay Thai, but
    was their any particular reason the Dutch was the first to do this? Or was
    it just completely by chance?

  59. mohcine el-guebli

    Gokhan Saki and Errol Zimmerman

  60. moo

    5:34 BEAST !

  61. Arian Badihi


  62. Chafik Rwina

    Badr hari =====> Morocco <3

  63. darren mavin

    I know you may tend to do kickboxers, I think a Hector Lombard highlight
    would be sick!

  64. Marouane alamdar

    Your eyes Strong Keep them well

  65. MrJonaGun.

    hollanders Surinamers marokkanen en een turk.

  66. DHJ82

    Hell yeah!

  67. DHJ82

    Not really my friend

  68. DHJ82

    Two cases out 10 fighters, so no point there. Still need be be talented and
    have a Dutch gameplan to win fights. Roids are not going to win the fight
    for you.

  69. DHJ82

    That’s what’s called multiculturalism. If they’ve got a Dutch passport,
    they’re Dutch. Otherwise a true American wouldn’t exist either (except for
    Indians), since the whole nation was build by immigrants from Europe. So it
    would be the same if we would claim all the American victories. In this way
    the ‘immigrant’ fighters should stop coming out for there native country
    and represent the country that made them great, as a tribute of respect.

  70. 2007vigo

    Love my country!! Holland the best!

  71. Cersei Lannister

    Dutch kickboxers are the best in the world!

  72. steptronic009

    Thanks !!! 😀

  73. sander bakker

    awesome B)

  74. UndergroundVlogs

    Amazing video! we are the best kickboxing country in the world

  75. Ibrаhim Green

    there was Ruslan Karaev???

  76. Diabeku

    Bas Rutten?

  77. htid raver

    algerino 2 hot 2 handle

  78. htid raver

    algerino to hot to handle or 2 hot 2 handle enjoy 🙂

  79. RGRG .RGRG

    what’s the last song please

  80. steptronic009

    2:19 The song Please

  81. Nick Lawrence

    Dutch style kickboxing is sick as fuck! mad respect from the uk!

  82. creep2300


  83. overthehill91

    Moroccans need to stop coming to Holland, doing things the way the Dutch do
    them, and then claiming Morocco does them better.

  84. Arjan Meijer

    Doesnt matter where you are from, if you want to learn affective way of
    kickboxing, come to Holland.

  85. Kidd

    Kickboxing isn’t the second biggest sport behind football, boxing is. But
    kickboxing rocks too tho

  86. Xavier Pushkin

    Almost every fighter from Golden Glory used steroids, fucking schmucks.

  87. killerdude909

    most of them are not dutch just trained by dutch people and their parents
    came here but they grew up here

  88. StrangeDeimos

    might be that morrocans are strong. but all your great fighters and
    footballers are from holland so apparantly theres no good culture (no
    teachers) in morroco itself to become high level.

  89. Alberto Longebor

    5:44 I love the way he answers the phone

  90. Glorious Xoyas

    + Pat “HD” Barry, but he’s not dutch 😛

  91. Glorious Xoyas

    Gökhan Saki — Alistair Overeem – Badr Hari – Peter Aers – Bonjaski —
    Best in the world!!

  92. ali ulusoy

    Gökan Sakiiiiii:!

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