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Published on December 26, 2013

Training a combo with my training partner…This is how we do it at our gym… Our coach is from Rotterdam.. what more can I say? 🙂


Hardcore Dutch style Muay Thai training ( Combination)

  1. Mitch Freestone

    Look at the legs for the yellow and blue trunks, bet that dude kicks like a

  2. darren roache

    Good stuff guys

  3. Avik Bhattacharya

    dedicated fighters, nice drill, great attitude ….keep it up man

  4. Elixon Lopez

    Some of the old brutal arts kept training the old way by not using much
    protective gear. Bare knuckle boxing, Kyo kushin kai Khan, Muay Thai.

  5. Elixon Lopez

    If you go to seven different gyms you will see seven different ways to
    train. It doesn’t mean any are wrong, its just different.

  6. elliot levy

    Nice video man . YOu just train or you fight aswell ?

  7. Christopher Lauro

    Nice work. Excellent combo to drill 

  8. EJ Olguin

    That’s some American bull crap training with pads Traditional and overseas
    they do not train with pads The style fighting supposed to be full contact
    at all times Makes sense if you had to fight someone why would you train
    with pads In a real fight The kicks the news the punches it toughens Your

  9. Erick Aguilar

    Yeah That movement is cool, Muay Thai is awesome

  10. Black Devil MMA

    There is nothing wrong with this video. These guys are likely training for
    a fight, and could use the conditioning. I think the problem is that people
    don’t seem to understand the difference between being ‘hurt’ and being
    ‘injured’. Training like this without gear will hurt for sure, but both
    fighters were using enough control to prevent an actual injury. I saw no
    ego, or retaliation, no bravado of any kind…just one fighter helping
    another with a drill. My more advanced guys will train with less gear, as
    their control grows and their conditioning rises.

    Also, for the record, just because something differs from the Thai style,
    doesn’t make it ‘wrong’…the Dutch have been doing just fine with their
    Muay Thai programs in case you didn’t notice 🙂

    Let’s just let everyone train the way they feel most comfortable, and let
    the results speak for themselves.

    ~Strength & Honour~

    • Nate Biggers

      In kyokushin this type of training is common Dutch style came from
      kyokushin remember

    • Jeff Njuguna

      +Jay d Thank you for your positive criticism man… respect.

    • Jeff Njuguna

      Well said bro.. Strength and honor

    • Jeff Njuguna

      +Andy’s Mad House we actually use shin guards as well depending on the
      nature of the training…I just chose to upload particular videos of
      training sessions that I especially liked. As for my hostile responses to
      particular individuals, I tend to respond to people as they present
      themselves. There are a lot of haters who come through with pointless
      criticism and very little knowledge, whereas there are others who are just
      genuinely interested in understanding the logic behind our style of

    • Andy's Mad House

      I would like to point out though, that this gym has very few videos that
      I’ve seen of them with any protective gear and the uploader just acts
      really hostile to anyone that complains about the lack of them. I don’t
      think there’s much wrong with this video but there are a few others that
      are pretty suspect.
      That’s not to say that they DON’T ever use shinguards because there’s no
      way of knowing, but if the best thai fighters and best kickboxers can be
      seen training with shinguards even at the top levels, I would believe their

  11. SamRaz

    why would u train without shins? stupidest thing iv ever seen

    • Jeff Njuguna

      +123puta3 lol nigga I have a house…

    • intellectual strike

      they lost their shins?

    • 123puta3

      +Jeff Njuguna

    • Jeffrey Ransom

      +Jeff Njuguna he means shin pads and it’s called limb and body
      conditioning. 🙂

    • Jeff Njuguna

      If you look very closely, you’ll notice that we are actually using our
      ‘shins.’ also, if you look into your mirror, you will see something truly
      stupid 🙂

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