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Published on October 15, 2010


Dutch Kickboxing Drill

  1. Mikeeltoro

    great video. thank you. I’m am learning dutch styles muay thai and I am so
    glad I made the right choice. to me, it is the best fighting style.

  2. bobsmithers1987

    nice drill

  3. Cosmic Dingo

    Damn. You limber.

  4. Bart Rejman

    nice one mate

  5. Cristóbal Heiss

    Great video, thanks.

  6. hedSET2

    Nice drills very helpfull video been using this drills for a while very
    effective cheers

  7. Carlos Jimenez

    Great stuff you guys!

  8. sykogroha

    fine ass shit bro. well done

  9. munko gasuski

    did they teach you dutch style oven?

  10. antisportisti

    Have you experienced Mega Muscle Method? (Go google it) It is a quick and
    easy way to build strength fast.

  11. Christian Ennor

    Thanks mate, I’m not sure of the size of gloves mark is wearing. I am
    wearing 10oz

  12. Amnesia2Morrow

    Great vid, gloves look big, do you guys train with 16oz gloves?

  13. Jeremypsyclone

    good instruction.

  14. chaoticdays

    Didn’t anyone notice the time on that clock moves backwards 0:39-0:44

  15. John Smith

    Very Professional. Coming from a Dutch KB myself.

  16. chuck liddell

    god my gym suck comparate to this…. T-T

  17. Steven Jimenez

    He did mention that this isn’t the way he would block in a real fight. so
    don’t divert from the thai style! it is far superior.

  18. dfwe egregr

    Your safe. The blocking is diffrent from what I have learned in Holland.
    For defending a right middle kick. You put your left hand just like the
    instructor, put your righthand against your left elbow, just like the
    instructor but turn your wrist with your nails not towards your elbow, but
    pointing outside. Important is also to bow your knees a litte bit to stay
    compact, so your head and body is save after you block the middle kick.
    Perfect block to with a lowkick.

  19. 0713mas

    @DrMabuse2008 Thanks! Those are some great combos, really like that j-c-h-c
    lead switch kick!!! Thanks again ~Matt

  20. DrMabuse2008

    Jab, cross, hook, cross, left switch. Cross, hook, cross left switch. The
    kick can be a lk, body or high kick. Whatever works out best at that moment.

  21. 0713mas

    The jab cross hook rear roundhouse Aka, “The Dutch Rush” combo is great!
    Are there any other common Dutch combos? Like maybe something finishing
    with a lead switch kick or something equal? J,C,H, Lk is very high

  22. IceCubE4425

    @Watskebeurtdannn Really? woah im going to try that then

  23. dfwe egregr

    In Thailand and other countries you learn to block a middle kick with your
    shin, in Holland you learn to block with you underarms because you can
    counter quickly with a lowkick.

  24. dfwe egregr

    Nice video man. I am from Holland and trained for some time now at diffrent
    gyms in Holland. I have one commend about how you block the middle kick.
    That is not the way I have learned that in Holland. You basic of blocking
    the middle kick is also what I have learned, only you have to turn you
    wrist, so that you knuckels are towards you elbow.

  25. CoachArezki

    Great stuff…well done guys! CoachArezki: London

  26. Jon Lee

    Great tutorial!

  27. MBMT

    I like this drill! I will put it to use during my next training session.

  28. LapuLapu1

    Nice one Mark, decent drill!

  29. 0mega7000

    very nice

  30. decoel40

    Solid work, technical and physical training done together and throwing in
    an element of the unknown (light sparring at the end). Good job.

  31. 0713mas

    Very nice!! Thanks, wish I could train there!

  32. MachBox718

    interesting drill (I learned something)

  33. uderock

    Nice. Thanks for the tips.

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