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Published on September 6, 2014

Normally I’m a pure Muay Thai guy mixed with western boxing. But Dutch Kickboxing has been doing for me lately


Dutch Kickboxing

  1. Christopher Lauro

    Nice work. Going Dutch is never a bad idea lol

    • SimplyLimbo

      +HungryLikeTheWolf70 no hes a thaiboxer. I used to know him, his friend was
      my trainer when i was a little kid, it was definetly thay-style. But a good
      thai-boxer ! Very small, but very fierce. Hes revered almost like a god in
      thailand. More so than in holland. Like the dutch kickboxers are revered in
      Japan. In Holland they said there used to be an atmosphere of criminality
      around it (at least that was their excuse) which is not only unfair, but
      look where we got without any support from the gouvernment or people who
      didnt wanted anything to do with it, kickboxers are also very disciplined
      its not they gonna pick fights on the streets or something. If u do that,
      and u damage a person good, u’ll have a bad day in court

    • HungryLikeTheWolf70

      +SimplyLimbo WTF?? Ramon Deckers uses Dutch kickboxing

    • SimplyLimbo

      The basic is actually; learn to hit and kick always with POWER, no jabs or
      kicks for points, create a powerfull lowkick (train this on a long heavy
      bag, when ur shins are hard, u can train them on anything u feel its the
      best for you, like in thailand they kick trees down) practice to create
      speed, and listen for the rest to your dutch teacher for the secret ins &
      outs during matches 😉 sometimes its like chess… especially if u know ur
      opponent and his weaknesses. How long or small he is, what is his strong
      point ? Boxing or kicking ? And know ur own weaknesses is also very

    • SimplyLimbo

      The dutch style is great ! I did it myself for years, but i’ve boxed longer
      then i kickboxed. We are a nation if 17 m inhabitants. Nonetheless we
      dominate the Japan K-1 tournament (and often mma but K-1 js really where
      the dutch rule, some of our kickboxers are like gods in Japan) for decades.
      Great names:
      Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost, Sammy schilts, Remy Bonjaski, Badr Hari, Bas
      Rutten (though bas does mma and cagefights and such) but they come from all
      over the world to train overhere.
      And regarding the Thai-style. We had Ramon Dekkers, he is like a celebrity
      over there. He did 200 matches won like 175 of them. About that number.
      Look for ‘Peter Aerts’ for typical dutch style, and Dekkers for typical
      Thai style.

  2. Chavel Diaz

    Good Stuff…Adding it to my training video rotation

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