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Published on September 28, 2011

3 Real Kung Fu techniques I want you all to try at home! Good luck.
Real Kung Fu Fighting – PART 2 Here:

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Real Kung Fu Fighting, part 1

  1. levita10

    This is awesome!

  2. Mark Rocchio

    OMG… let me put you in a proper triangle choke hold. NONE of what you do
    here would save you. You are a Fake, A Fraud and nothing more than a
    snake-oil salesman.

  3. Sándor Kovács

    its a tv show not real fight…


    Dont think hes able to stand after his foot broke and his knee is stomped

  5. pavan doe

    awesome techniques it helped me alot

  6. radomaxx

    what a noob looool

  7. Edward Gingerich

    I wish I could do kung fu like bruce lee

  8. Chase Ramos

    My right ear is lonely :(

  9. zeroanarchy

    Can you recommend an academy in Melbourne Australia?

  10. Paul Googol

    I can do this, hold my hand. *breaks arm* you don’t just hold a Kung Fu
    fighters hand.

  11. Fruitydc ri

    kinda gay

  12. x3C40x

    do not turn into a choke, do no turn into the gap. dumbest thing ive ever

  13. Taqadus Rehman

    I feel sorry for that kid

  14. aredesuyo

    That poor kid.

  15. Андрей Мартынов

    Зачем вставать в широкую стойку?

  16. Ziemowit Owczarek


  17. vibrantZebra1

    aaagh. No one who knows how to fight would choke you from behind with his
    grip like that!

  18. lugaresmachine


  19. Tivo Last

    Nice one…

  20. Demotic Sketchy

    Jake mace is fake

  21. MIsterSojaBohne

    i want to see this guy in a real fight

  22. martin soldén

    Am i the only one thinking With that low/spred stance, hes just asking to
    get ktfo?

  23. BonJovi1065

    Great Video, very interesting, would Love to train with you, I’m from
    England, now live in WV, USA. I have not seen all your video’s, but I will
    watch more, I hope you talk about Training Regular, Daily as well, Sparing
    Etc, many people think a One hour lesson once a week is going to do it for
    them, practice regular, daily, very important. I’m trained in Wing Chun,
    Sam Kwok, Grandmaster of Wing Chun. I was also wondering if you have or
    would ever consider getting into Personal Protection/Bodyguard? ….Neil,
    the English guy in WV

  24. Sean O'Neil

    I hope you realize you don’t know how to fight. I have seen a few of your
    videos and I feel as though you are just pulling stuff out of your ass.
    such as when you counter an “arm choke from behind”(3:18), when you move
    your head into the gap in his arm that is setting your self up for failure
    because that is the optimal starting position to apply a blood choke, and
    you would be down in seconds if it were I applying the choke. I have
    noticed many errors in all of your videos I watched, you cannot fight and
    should not teach because you are going to get someone seriously injured if
    they are dumb enough to listen to anything you have to say.

  25. basti9791

    Great vid Jake!

  26. bransin&lee 100

    damn i thought he broke him @ 6:13

  27. GemyouDotcom

    I would like to see this with real world attacks.. Not a scripted planed
    attacks.. All your defenses are good. But use reality based confrontations

  28. Silly Argument

    Another misleading title from you.
    wrong title: “Real Kung Fu Fighting”
    Right title: “A cooperated demonstration of stupid techniques for
    situations that never happen.”

    • Maximus Meridius


  29. oscar torres

    I would throw a nasty leg kicks to his face if I had him down like that.

  30. Mohammad Alagha

    I don’t like my enemy get hurt , Actually we are Muslim we love all people

    • ChroniZz

      yea right

  31. bruce marrs

    yo, this isn’t “Real Kung Fu Fighting.” It’s theory, it’s demo. Real
    Fighting rarely goes by script and theory.

  32. Ady Adnan


  33. Hennessey Productions

    at 6:10 that shit looked like it hurt, fuckin bully…

  34. Big Boss


  35. Leon hasii

    concerning your leg positioning, kickboxers could easily break your knees
    with just one low kick

    • Paul Googol

      but they ain’t got the swag bruh.

  36. magic master123

    where is your school

  37. Азамат Чинасов

    Прикольно, но начальная низкая стойка не есть гуд. Сломают или отобьют

  38. Liz Labitzky

    you should introduce your helper. you really wouldn’t have a video if a he
    wasn’t there letting u walk all over him.

  39. Melisa su


  40. Marcos Fernandes

    I came here for the real fight, where is it?? this channel is a bullshitt

  41. Richard MacPhee

    Jake your stance is way to low. You even had to get back up to move to the
    side of him. Bring your feet in so that when the punch comes in you can
    launch off the center line and with your parry/grab motion, the momentum is
    there to strike with your back leg with a kick to the solar plex and once
    your leg is half way back to a new back stance once again momentum is there
    for the wrist lock/joint manipulation generated from the planting of that
    foot. You just seem to do everything incorrectly in your form. The only
    thing correct in the video is to step behind the leg on the behind chokes
    but your adding to much stuff that will trigger them to pull back on you.
    Immediately step behind or with the arm around the neck choke you can
    headbutt backwards and immediately slam your elbow up under is arm that is
    choking and switch to your other arm and elbow into his jaw because his
    head will be forced from previous impact of you elbowing under his choking
    arm to directly into the elbow and that’ you are hitting his jaw with and
    then you can step behind his leg. Most cases they will release at that
    point which then you quickly reach between your legs and grab one of his
    legs from behind his ankle and pull it towards you to make him fall
    backwards or you attempt a leg lock. Hey just wanted to state what I think
    is more practical and want get you killed. I am not a jerk and I am open to
    critics. If I got you wrong somehow Jake forgive me but I am trained but am
    not deaf to an explanation of theory on your part. Stay safe and would like
    to have a word with you.

  42. Prem Bhardwaj

    i like your video.

  43. cj taylor

    there is nobody bigger or stronger than deez nuts 5:55

  44. ‫أسامة الشهراني‬‎

    الله قوي

  45. Aleme Lopez

    try learning real Kung fu, stop watching old fantasy movies and trying to
    pass them off as real, fake

  46. Steven Barker

    Did anybody else have sound probs

  47. KidsKicksforChrist

    Both locks you can shove your fingers into the eyes which is site, first,
    then head butt, take out the knees which is balance and hammer fists as you
    steep behind Kidneys and solor plex as targets, which is breath, my first
    moves should never be wasted, and the three rules will take control every
    time, Site, breath, balance, when your knees elbows and joints hit the
    concrete, they usually become hamburger too. the only one that should be
    going to the ground, is your attacker and in my 45 years, that has been to
    only one hittig the ground, O unless you got rules of engangment on the
    mats, Even then there are ways to never go to the mat, If they don’t
    recinize those defences, Well it becomes the three strike rule, first I
    pray for you, second I pray for my patiance, third you become a Pataint in
    the Hospital, and I still didn’t hit the ground , Bow

  48. Nathen Colberg

    what happens if your opponent isn’t a 110 lb indian kid? hahaha only
    joking, from one martial artist to another love the videos

  49. Dolly Lamban


  50. Karsten Von Tiesenhausen


  51. Peluxman

    Real Kung fu Fighting part.2

  52. maddoxnetwork

    the pic for this video shows a sidekick putting skinny boy in the air.
    where is that application? just for show?

  53. mo mfa

    jack mece is good at kung fu

  54. Natalia Mildenberger

    Super weiter so da kann man noch etwas lernen

  55. Camel1774

    None of that shit will work if you actualy have a Man fighting with you and
    not a teen who weights like 70kg. x)

  56. steven wisniewski

    The counter to the rear choke, I believe, was borrowed by the Marine Corps,
    but it was changed slightly. It excludes breaking the foot and trapping the
    knee, and instead of just dropping them behind you use your left elbow to
    strike them to the ground. The reason for the change in breaking the foot
    and trapping the knee, I believe, was so that you didn’t have to take as
    many steps before they were on the ground making it a much more efficient
    series of moves in combat situations. One thing they don’t teach is a
    counter to the full nelson which would still be covered under counters to
    chokes and grabs, because of it’s similar steps. This is a very interesting
    series, and I’m glad to see that most of this is combat capable.

  57. Bernasconi Julien

    What a big joke, if you can try with somebody who know how to give a punch

  58. Bernasconi Julien

    Hahahaha thank you

  59. Manoj Lama

    i like it this kum fu fight

  60. deyse souza

    de mais

  61. Ashirwad Ashu

    it is best

  62. cyril VUILLEMIN

    jake , il like the way you teach)

  63. Danny Hanks

    pretty cool but a little boring

  64. The Billa

    That poor, poor Indian boy being thrown around…

  65. Dany Williams


  66. johan riady

    sooooooooooooooo, where is the real part in this?????

  67. The ONE

    Very outstanding!!

  68. Goku

    dude make like a IP man video use all this at once like better moves i
    wanna see this in action with ur training partner or something

  69. Akil Fenty

    I want an Asian person teach me karate etc..

  70. Funky Randomness MKG

    oooh, can you make a video of how to defend yourself from strangers
    attacking you using Kung Fu techniques!!!!!!!!!

  71. Ben Bull

    what if u on the fold

  72. Siva Vandanapu

    good moves

  73. Tiwaking “Tiwaking” Tiwaking

    Such a misleading thumbnail

  74. Lance Louez

    Thanks but no thanks. if you come across someone that knows how to put on a
    sleeper hold from behind, you are unable to use these moves but some of the
    others can work if you get lucky but will only work some of the time as
    these moves are out dated. the best form of defence to put yourself in a
    situation where no body can get behind you be smart be street aware. keep
    your back to the wall when out night clubbing. learn to predict a potential
    harmful environment. and adapt to your environment. Remember always be
    ready. always be aware of your sorroundings

  75. debluvsjamie

    you do know that all of that is kung fu .kung fu has pretty much every tip
    of fight style

  76. TrollPeople

    but if the your opponent is more stronger then you how do you escape to the
    full nelson? would you go to compress the vertebrae of the neck, causing
    serious damage

  77. Nikolaj Nock

    nice technique for opening the full nelson, just one minor detail that
    strikes me as inconsistent though: when you stomp on his left foot+shock
    the knee, he’ll immediately make a step back on that side, so you’ll have a
    hard time get behind him on that side. wouldn’t it be more plausible to
    shock on the left and pass on the right?

  78. Zayaraq

    that would so not work

  79. John Smith

    Hey just watching your video
    The fellow punching is always using the same arm
    Show us what if he punches with the other arm
    Not always using the same arm, show us both.

    The punch is coming in with the right arm
    The punch is coming in with the left arm

    same for other body parts

  80. Enzo Laurence

    i’m sure this doesn’t work in the street

  81. Younas MON


  82. imię nazwisko

    this looks so gay !
    try it with real man not with boy ;)

  83. neeraj kangar

    really nice, from all different angles

  84. Attila Téglás

    Is this a joke?? :D

  85. rickames

    My knees won’t allow me to bend that low in fighting stance.

  86. rickames

    Guy in green shirt looks like a Mannequin.

  87. Giorgi Mamulashvili

    1) why thumbnail differs from the video is shown, 2) the article says
    “action” but we see instruction … well as me, im not happy with what i
    saw :)

  88. Skippy Loud

    this shit fake know one gets full nelsoned on the street

  89. Tosin Agoro

    Good tricks

  90. Johnson Lee

    6:45 When your opponent is down, why would we get away? I thought it should
    be followed by a finishing blow or some sort =)

  91. Kimbo Slice

    Such bullshit

  92. Matthew O'Keefe


  93. muffinluveruuu

    lOl…If you can’t do it full speed it’s BULLSHIT.

  94. Luciano Jose Pires


  95. Gunny Akdo

    People should differ between martial arts,the art like kung fu and martial
    arts, the sport like wrestling,boxing etc. In german language we have 2
    words for it. Martial arts is more about discipline of your own body and
    defend it for a short time,thats why an aikidoka never won a mma

  96. TheLegendery firebreathing Phoenix phoenix

    bad no voice

  97. naghassth

    que mierda de video gay

  98. Bousofe Rebelisto


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