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Published on February 9, 2010

A great highlight reel of chinese kickboxing, it illustrates how good stricking can set up trips,throws, and takedowns. 2009 mundial wushu championship.

SANSHOU 2009 – 10th world wushu championship

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  1. david obryan

    I love sanda I think with its takedowns,throws and takedown defense it
    compliments jujitsu very well

  2. carol ramos


  3. Jorge Ortiz

    deje de mirar el video por la musica de mierda que le pusiste

    • bryan fernandez

      y yo por la musica no dejo de verlo xd

  4. Axiaveno

    looks at the audience

  5. DigitalCakeXI

    no defence

  6. supersecretbronyclub

    Pretty sure this is kinda still MMA. Or atleast the idea of it, instead of
    just american styles all the time, it’s Sanshou only, so yes it is fun to
    watch, but I’ll take MMA if they have different styles fighting.

  7. 28chriztian

    dejate de joder que musica de mierda

  8. MySorayaaa

    yes, there is more contact compared to MMA

  9. Michael Womble

    Immediate yea its nothing like Maui Thai kicks are chambered and they hit
    with bone above ankle not shin and the have great takedowns and throws

  10. ___310____a

    It’s basically muay thai lite without any groundgame. So it’s MMA minus
    jiu-jitsu and ground moves.

  11. luis gustavo rodriguez vera

    a todo los peleadores de michoacan nos be mos en el selectivo de marso

  12. EaglesFannumber5

    This sport belongs in olympics!

  13. ney57e

    Because it is not a freakin’ style, it’s a rule set for those chinese MAers
    to duke it out.

  14. 666hellraiser1

    i’ve sparred in this, its great fun and great for self defence!

  15. Alexander Higgins

    There are certain parties on both sides of the traditional world and MMA
    world that have done a good bit of mudslinging towards one another. It is
    like democrats verses republicans. The people that are hard core followers
    of one or the other world are really just sheep that do what they are told
    by the mass media of those organizations and never develope fully as true
    individual fighters.

  16. Edwin Engleton

    Pretty cool my kind of sport

  17. aksn00bim

    This is a pretty good base is you plan on going MMA… least the
    strinking to wrestling transition is more seamless

  18. احمد البياتي

    في 2:50 هو أن المرجع سخيف غبي؟ ومن الواضح أن المقاتل الباردة خارج وانه يلوح
    أصابعه في الجزء الخلفي رأسه. على محمل الجد، وآمل انه لا يزال لا يملك هذه

  19. JeanRhino

    its actually from a christian band called enomine 😀

  20. mario spezzi

    shut up you christians virus for human race

  21. mario spezzi

    or italian

  22. ditgodin

    The start is a prayer . It is” Our Father ” in spanish. Not right to be
    used here.

  23. Socrat Harris

    lolzzz… but dear MMA are using wushu sansho techniques for their fights.

  24. MamiyaOtaru

    keep dreaming and watching those Cung Le videos

  25. minimalist34

    seriously san shou one of the most underrated striking techniques for mma!

  26. red4whites

    someone tell me the name of this song.. and im gonna start this soon in
    malaysia, currently finding out where they have training schools in
    malaysia… soo pscyed

  27. rocka5543

    I Figher In MMA M-1

  28. Damazonus

    You ain’t kidding! Could you imagine how scary this would have been if
    someone like Jesus prayed and sounded like this when he prayed O____O ?!

  29. Lucas Sartorato

    o de vermelho é o professor do meu amigo !!

  30. azaproc

    el video esta bien…solamente que lo pongan en mudo porque esa “musica” es
    horrenda en mi opinion

  31. Trong Autos


  32. darthclone7

    nice highlights.. still dont understand why ppl hate mma.. is it becasuse
    sanshou is chinese & not american?

  33. Sergio Bedolla

    nooo mames q pedo con tu rola si fuera un video de guerra le pondrias el
    credo wey

  34. Mrdute12

    2:44 ref stop counting and bring in the medics he’s done for.

  35. Psiuzinha1

    @arucardseito I wonder why…lol

  36. helmer homero

    le cuenta al tipo del final, jajajajajajjaja esta mas privado que nada y le
    cuenta todavia no mame referi!!!!

  37. Deivid Faria

    About the song, this blasfemous shit fucked everything…

  38. Deivid Faria

    What makes me sad is the real fights have nothing to do with that beautful
    fights seen on wushu movies.

  39. dariusz andrzej

    Great opportunity to join this sport to the Olympic Games in 2020

  40. joao victor


  41. Muhammed said yıldız

    müzgin ismini sölermisn,zz

  42. adriano SanShou

    torquideos com tv online 24 hrs acessem ….

  43. festerx78

    em breve ^^

  44. marlonj0ze

    que miedo con ese padre nuestro xD

  45. 9metaller2

    50 % of highliths come from muslim salikov, he is the best !

  46. Ervin Cortez

    @angryarchitect It’s a prayer, Our Father?. May God open your mind my

  47. Felipe Silva

    qual o nome desta musica?

  48. adriano SanShou

    o video mais cabuloso que ja vi de sanshou parabens !!!!!!!!!

  49. kl316

    This is basically kickboxing with takedowns but no ring.

  50. TheKolombos

    hello i’m looking for a brutal sanshou dojo in central london…please
    somebody help me….i’m trying but i can’t find nothing!!!!!

  51. Victor Matheus

    kkkkkkk, aos 2:40 a infermeira ou sei lá oq … ve o cara caindo e bota a
    mao no coração kkkk , o susto!

  52. Ryan Weapenicappo

    i see move being used in here simular to combat sambo

  53. Westroth


  54. winstonzhao

    This is so cool!

  55. james soares

    muito bom very good.

  56. Adrián

    no soporto la cancion

  57. DJGahann

    @dokha absolutely! I find MMA an insult to martial arts in general! A bunch
    of tattoo wearing muscular airheads performing a kick or two and then refer
    to it as MA….

  58. asd247

    awesome at 2:30, i like that skill so much

  59. dokha

    anyone else find that 100x better than crappy mma?

  60. Lucas Tudela

    @tapthepope The Sanshou rules obligate the referee to open the count when a
    competitor is knocked down. After the count is finished he must call
    medical support if the competitor is knocked out. You said something stupid
    and then I told you to read the rules and you clearly haven’t read the
    rules and came here to say more crap. This is the procedure to a knock down
    in so many striking arts such as Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. It looks like you
    know nothing about it. Go read the rules you ignorant.

  61. fsandy008

    Sanshou is the China government hopes to join Olympic
    conspiracy。sanshou/boxing/Tae Kwon Do not free the fingers,it is not wushu.
    can not attack vital parts, is not wushu, only entertainment. I don’t think
    Sanshou is one of wushu. i don’t like sanshou.

  62. MegaBoudraa

    i love sanshou the best

  63. Tommy Park

    @lucastudela You must be stupid too. The guy in black is obviously so cold
    that he fell to his knees and slumped over on his head with butt in the air
    and was balanced like that. AND STILL the ref with was waving his fingers
    to the back of his head as if he is able to see. You clearly know nothing
    about striking arts to defend that nonsense.

  64. teamvillamil

    uuuf el de canada fue el mas agresivo de estos tiempos ….

  65. Victor Silva

    @angryarchitect y? its just a standard prayer if understood it well.

  66. MoKillaGorilla

    homie at the end got fucked up that was scary looking

  67. Edpo3306604

    muito bom muito bom mesmo valhew proficionais do sanshou

  68. idate629

    wow they can knock there opponent out

  69. Lucas Tudela

    @tapthepope read the Wushu competition rules before saying that a
    professional referee is not doing his job properly. If that’s your opinion,
    you’re clearly showing you know nothing about the rules.

  70. seveneihgt

    Do u all know that all country around (or friendly country of) china will
    hav some sort of fighting skill such as india, russia, japan, korea,
    turkey, South East Asia etc which R inspire from chinese KungFu. If u guys
    dun blive me, where R the Egypt M.A, European M.A ? BTW, great vidoe, just
    dunno wat the song mean…

  71. Vitor Matos

    This is a world championship, there are the good fighters and there are the
    extreme good fighters.

  72. Ctmxmy

    Sacale el reso conchetumare!

  73. Kevin Frost

    This is insane, how much training do you think you should do before
    entering in this type of event?

  74. Rodrigo Antonio

    El “No me gusta” es el del K.O 2:41

  75. angryarchitect

    haha! this music is almost satanic for people that know spanish!

  76. LemonNation

    @ronki23 Welllll most Sanda tournaments have the official stance of trying
    to protect competitor safety. Disabling an opponent is not encouraged per
    se, and that is why head gear and 8 oz gloves are used. That is also why
    knees and elbows are banned. If the rules were to get much more lax it
    would basically become an MMA bout. Basically, in order to maintain itself
    as a legitimate “sport” they have a lot of “safety” measures.

  77. Tommy Park

    At 2:50 is that ref fucking stupid? The fighter is obviously out cold and
    he’s waving his fingers at the back his head . seriously, I hope he still
    doesn’t have this job.

  78. Tihamér Osváth

    the padding in wery thin,and offers a minimal protection,you can see that
    even with paddings are much KO`s

  79. kronker

    Love it! I wish I could have watched the whole tournament live. Fucking
    sweet shit.

  80. camljokee

    @ronki23 Cause its just amature fighting and its REALLY dangerous. Same as
    any other sport like hockey or football. Nobody wants to be seriously

  81. Xeno Kratios

    @ronki23 Kicks to the liver and internal organs I think, very deadly.

  82. ronki23

    Why do they wear so much padding? I understand all of it except the body
    shields :/

  83. deadwood223

    Song is E Nomine – Vater Unser — this is the correct title, I don’t know
    why someone said padre nuestro

  84. Wushu Longhuquan

    Excelente el video y la Musica!!!!

  85. jchon1234


  86. Mattia Cuomo

    the last ko is awesome *_*

  87. SeeJDoGg

    this is the song : E nomine-Padre Nuestro

  88. Hugo Fumero

    Qual é o nome dessa musica? ( A MUSICA DO VIDEO) ???? Estou precisando ela
    URGENTE :S ( preciso fazer um video) =S

  89. NFvlog

    wath a name of music??

  90. Mateus Soares

    0:23 looooooooooooooool

  91. silvio vida

    porque que o Homem tem que se gladiar ?

  92. ZorroKuugen

    durisima la ultima patada

  93. DeRiL17

    buen video

  94. Fernando Eduleal


  95. Vitor Faria

    That roundhouse on the beginnig was amazing!

  96. Diego Castro Aragunde

    Muy bueno!!

  97. haffoc

    Very nice. Thanks for posting.

  98. Alessandro Cancian

    A grear cover for sanshou, magnificent!

  99. yangwushu

    Thank you ! =) <3 PS: WUSHU, SANSHOU, SANDA POOOWAAAA !

  100. sansahouuu

    the music is a priest noestro Nomine and the film The Kiss of the Vampire
    .. OK

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