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Published on October 14, 2011
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  1. elfusilado79

    awful music…

  2. Anthony Bell

    This has to be one of the best arts for self-defense.

  3. achraf ahmed

    isam barhoumi the champion of the world

  4. Yixun Si

    This Chinese Kungfu is pretty good, but the rules need to be better, so
    many limits in the match

  5. Zhang Han dynasty

    falling down is extremely dangerious in a fight!

  6. yacovalpuchi valen

    Cancion del minuto 3:35?

    • Ej the spring Gold

      +yacovalpuchi valen creo que yo podri a ver echo mejores tecnicas

    • yacovalpuchi valen

      +mansodazz Bueno, buen video, muy buenas tecnicas de sanda

    • mansodazz

      +yacovalpuchi valen, ese tema es parte de los fondos musicales del reality

  7. Hollywood Stream

    this is awesome

  8. Nguyễn Phan An Phú

    Someone show me a track list? tks

  9. My_MaM_My _QueEeN


  10. Fac1309

    Que buen arte marcial!!

  11. Douglas Mathieu


    • Marielena Alvarado

      yea, thats what i was thinking too. that guy is knocked out, no need to
      count just get him help

  12. Dai ka

    Good compilation till those Guy at the end. Please act pro when ur good

  13. KikisRaya *

    Hola, llevo 7 meses entrenando kickboxing pero en un mes tendre una pelea
    de sanda! Que me recomiendan? En si no conozco esa arte marcial ni nada

  14. Cecyy Soto

    Music at 3:42? anyone please!!

    • Barracuda487

      +Cecyy Soto The Ultimate Fighter intro song.

  15. SoundSonnata

    The music that starts at 4:46. Anyone knows?

  16. GuitarNinja

    3:55 best moment XD

  17. ArminMeiwes23

    There is a shaolin temple in madrid that teaches kung fu and sanda among
    other marcial arts. The shifu is a very respected person in china so he is
    not a fraud like other kung fu masters so, if somebody lives there i
    suggest you people to search for it. Shaolin Temple Spain.

  18. Cristian Luna

    sanshou and sanda are the same thing right?

    • komonology

      Me too

    • Cristian Luna

      i know ive seen him in the ufc.hes one of my heroes.

    • komonology

      +Cristian Luna
      Cung lee is a an excellent applicator for sunshou sanda

    • Cristian Luna also thinking of getting cung lee book about sanshou.

    • komonology

      +Cristian Luna u r welcome man the side kicks and side splits remember 🙂

  19. Krank Bonaparta Auditore

    como se llama la primera canción??

  20. Anihilator1503

    song name 8:50

    • Ana Peres

      UFC – Face the Pain

  21. Frederic Beaudet

    I don’t know if it’s because it’s edited but it looks to me like the
    urgency of taking the opponent down makes the fighters stand their ground
    instead of dodging and circling around. 

    • Alexander Higgins

      I did two tournaments, like fifteen years ago. It is a great transition
      sport for basic mixed grappling, striking and with sumo (pushing out of the
      ring/ le-tay). They hold sanshou in closed rings with ropes, but I like
      sanshou on a Le-tay (open platform with push outs) because that adds a
      whole different rhythm and strategy to the fight which is different from
      closed ring sports: lots of fun.

    • Frederic Beaudet

      Interesting, a local champion gave a seminar at my Muay Thai / kick boxing
      club and I enjoyed it a a lot. trowing people around is exhausting.

    • Alexander Higgins

      That is a good point you made, but also if you get pushed out of the ring
      twice in a round, you loose the round, so that factor adds to the
      “standing you ground” and urgency for both fighter to engage factor.
      There use to be a stalling rule as well (I am not sure if it is still the
      same); If a fighter stalls (is passive) the following will happen: 1st time
      a warning, 2nd time loss of point, 3rd time loss of round or fight.

  22. metaljar02

    anyone in orange county, california knows a gym??

  23. andrusbgx

    I wonder why Cung Le didn’t use all of the techniques he displays in this
    video, in MMA.

    He had some great takedowns here and in MMA he just keeps his distance and

    • NangongReng1973

      +andrusbgx Maybe Sanda uses a lot of strength and stamina especially
      takedown. MMA ‘s rules are different. If you can’t KO your opponent ASAP,
      it will be dangerous.

    • Alexander Higgins

      Cung Le is old now and getting much stiffer. He also has a bad knee as
      well. I watched him fight at a sanshou tournament live in 1997 and he
      totally kicked the other guys ass, but he was wearing a big knee brace
      during the fight. The next day he was limping, barely able to walk. So by
      the time he got to MMA he was out of his prime and likely suffering
      from joint injuries accumulated during his sanda/kickboxing career. Cung Le
      also had some sanshou tuff fights against some Russians and others. Cung
      Le’s prime was spent trying to win the world sanshou championships that
      alluded him 3 times. He did sanshou for love (like the Olympics) of the
      sport, and MMA for publicity.

    • Pablo

      I think it was because he is not very goid at ground game, so there wasn’t
      much motivation to take the fight there. Nonetheless, his wrestling was
      seen non much in ofensive but in a defensive way, he was very hard to rake
      to the ground (that gived him the chance to strike at will). Anyway, he had
      some awesome throws (sanda uses judo like throws too).

    • HaxellMence

      I think sanda practicioners definitely train their striking game more. What
      probably happened was Le realised his striking was at a higher level than
      his takedown game, since there are very tallented grapplers who come from
      sports where the takedown and submissions game is, generally, a lot better
      ( freestyle wrestling, catch, greco roman, Judo, Sambo, Bjj, etc. )

  24. shopliphter022

    amazing action i love watching beautiful striking along with awesome take

  25. danshepard1

    o ultimo cara do video morreu?

  26. Eric Joseph

    Muslim Salikhov the best>> if this combat sport was BIG, you would not see
    a single chinese champ 

    • Beichen Lu

      +Thierry Just ordinary discuss but you said this shitty language. Which
      fucking country are you from? Whatever, you just made an extremely
      bad reputation for your country with irrational, uneducated and stupidity.
      And MMA or UFC. How many boxer going to UFC? Different combat sports is
      different sports. MMA are known for Chinese is only 10 years almost. I
      don’t refuse that Chinese doesn’t have good grade on UFC. But there are
      still Chinese fighter on UFC with this low basement.

    • Thierry

      you fucking idiots, the chinese CREATED this combat sport. The chinese dont
      need this stupid pride attitude you have going on, go to UFC and MMA shit
      for that kind of talk

    • Beichen Lu

      +Eric Joseph He was the best. But he finally got KO several times. So far
      Chinese fighters don’t have good grade on heavy class becasue the life
      condition on China still cannot compare to developed countries. The height
      of Chinese cannot compared to white so far. When China enter into develop
      country maybe 50 years later, the height of Chinese will be the same as
      white people. On that time we will see how is it look like.

  27. TheAlexmercer360

    as soon as they are on the ground,fight is broken,now thats how wimps are
    made,if thre is no ground and pound,there is no danger,however,its main
    focus is self defense and in that case ground fighting is absolutely waste
    of time,striking and standup grappling is the way to go,so again I say,this
    is a great discipline.

    • The Truest

      These styles were made for stand up combat not ground fighting these styles
      do not focus ground fighting like wrestling or ju jitsu would.

    • Ron pAN

      erm, i don’t think not wanted to get pinned to floor and getting your face
      smashed in means you’re not a wimp, just means you’re not a masochist.

    • JmariolinkJ

      In the past actually lei tai fights (no rules Chinese fights) were mostly
      weapons (only a handful of bareknuckles) so going to the ground was a bad
      idea. Even in Chinese wrestling matches a more popular strategy was to
      throw them off the lei tai platform.

      I guess this is supposed to recreate a hand to hand version of it.

  28. israel nunes

    videos muito legal

  29. Marcelo Gaucho Poa

    Sou gaucho e moro no Rio Grande do Sul, logo gostaria de lutar como os
    lutadores de MMA e ser visto n ocanal combate. Na Grande Porto Alegre há
    alguam academia que posso aprender?
    Associacao Suhari

  30. Андрей Турботаймер


  31. MrMoSuk

    Wing Chun guys would die if they stood there for sure.

    • Yixun Si

      +TheAlexmercer360 Yes you right, that’s why all fighters learn boxing to
      make them better. Sanda and Winchun were created for different position.
      Sanda is from north of China and Winchun is from south, north chinese
      people are forthright, they fight with big movements. Winchun from south,
      south China are full of water, buildings and buildings create the small
      street, winchun fight straight fight close and quick, it’s created for the
      small street between buildings, and the long stick that winchun trainers
      used are created for the boat fight. In the past, these fisherman use their
      pulp to fight and the pulp in south of China is just a long stick. You put
      a north man on the boat or the small street which he couldn’t use his big
      movements, he may surrender quick.But conversely you put the south people
      to the big north ground, he may not parry the big heavy north kick.

    • TheAlexmercer360

      +Atahan Demolition I know wingchun guys that can beat up the current sanda
      world champ in a fight,so none of it matters,some people are talented,does
      not matter what they practice if it contains real sparring,they will grow
      up becoming invincible.

    • TheAlexmercer360

      +Davor Bobic do not be so sure of anything,style does not beat style,a
      better practitioner beats another guy.

    • Davor Bobic

      +PHILLYBIRDS100 actually sanda is created beacuse wing chun needs some
      movement and they wanted to create ultimate martial art, and sanda can beat
      russian systema


      that’s why sanda was created

  32. Archie Bunker (Pipapapigrafo)

    01:30 E Nomine – Vater unser

  33. Barracuda487

    Know that’s full contact martial arts.

  34. Brandon Holsather

    dont see how they could say kung fu is use less when u see sanda kung fu
    you see takedowns punches and kicks

  35. ZeRox024

    oh god, in 1 week i`m having a tournament xD

  36. Joao Romao

    Que saco desses anuncios

  37. planeta punk

    su oponente lucho mal.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  38. Lorenzo Capiglioni

    te felicito muy bueno el video. Me encanta el San Da

  39. Pablo Cid

    really? that would be great!

  40. jokfly

    wrong music, superb fights

  41. Mario Armenta

    Min 3:34 el arbitro sigue contando jaja

  42. Trevor Cook

    Wushu for life!!

  43. senseiJarek

    very nice

  44. Jaslan leen

    Salve, grazie. It’s la mia video!!

  45. dennys jesus

    face the pain ufc



  47. MrSlash500

    Check out my new video on the Bodhidharma Shaolin myth!

  48. Hernantolio

    E nomine – Padre Nuestro es el nombre de la segunda canción 🙂

  49. Tony Pardoel

    Great martial art! ancestral n’ modern too! Check up this kungfu guy: remco
    desouza HL

  50. Cucu Bau


  51. zahaladino

    es una cancion llamada Padre nuestro, cantada por E nomine. Este es un
    remix del cover que le hizo rammstein a la cancion

  52. Wiltord Santos


  53. cave321

    Im sorry i mean the secound one.

  54. Felipe Kil

    the first music I already know. I want to know the name of the second song
    (the rammstein)

  55. cave321

    the first one when the real fighting started is enomine vater unser

  56. Felipe Kil

    Eisbrecher This is Deutsch

  57. Llamakiller

    Nice head movement by the shorter guy at 11:32 on the taller guy!

  58. HybridDragons

    This is fucking hardcore! Unbelievable!

  59. shadepotatoe

    04:18 Holy gorrilas! That’s what’s speed’s for! lol Verry inspiring. tnx

  60. galicciri Al-ghifary

    how to download this video what is rich??

  61. Felipe Kil


  62. mansodazz

    sorry do not remember. 🙁

  63. Felipe Kil

    rammstein music please?

  64. Felipe Kil

    please tell me the name of the music of Rammstein?

  65. mansodazz

    yep… and others

  66. Felipe Kil

    rammstein music?

  67. performancejames00

    very cool! I didnt know they were so skilled! sanda is cool!

  68. João Paulo

    3:40 music ?

  69. александр котов


  70. Gustavo Augusto Brayn

    Hellsing – Rammstein , E Nomine

  71. Alexander Higgins

    There are many techniques that are similar to standout MMA but I found that
    the open platform with no ropes that an oponnent can get pushed off of
    changes the strategy a good bit from a closed ring or cage

  72. Alexander Higgins

    You can be of any discipline to compete in these tournaments and the one
    that I have been to typically were composed of fighters besides just kung
    fu (chines kickboxing). There are judo guys who know how to box, sambo,
    thai, ti-kwon-do and what not at the tournaments. the fighting is all
    standing (no ground game). No elbows in almost all tournaments, some times
    knee are allowed but use of knees depend on what the state or province will
    allow legally. You can win by KO, TKO or decision.

  73. mansodazz

    Perdón Antonio, no la puedo recordar y ya no la tengo en el ordenador.

  74. xinyiquan666

    yeap, i was a bit too serious

  75. mansodazz

    I guess he meant that, any discipline that applies punches, kicks and throw
    could participate in this mode. 🙂

  76. ASteelNeuron

    Sanda + BJJ = killing machine in all ranges and situations. I wish I had
    time to train both!

  77. xinyiquan666

    bs, there is some boxing in it, while all others are pure chinese kungfu
    based, chinese kicks and chinese shuaijiao( wrestling), not the fucking
    judo , judo is just shitty copy of chinese shuaijiao which has 5000 years,
    just like japanese copied almost everything from ancient china from
    languages ,arts, music, phylisophy, costumes, thinking, leterature, music,
    architecture, medicine…………everything , karate is also shitty copy
    of southern china kungfu

  78. mansodazz


  79. AK47Rifle100

    sport belongs in 2016 summer olympics

  80. Dirtbike.Events

    Great video

  81. Dirtbike.Events

    The training is too tough for most.

  82. mansodazz

    I know these people, the video is a compilation of various world
    tournaments. 🙂

  83. Asmir Pasalic

    who are those 2 fighters, black and red shorts, on beginig of video?

  84. WOLFGANG5520


  85. BigWhiteSun

    so is sanshou essentially mma without the elbows, knees, or ground game?

  86. 里克 冯


  87. mansodazz


  88. JoToVaDi

    sanda is a kind of combat from the kung fu… kung fu fighting technics
    applied in a full contact combat= sanda…

  89. mansodazz

    Yes. Sanshou or Sanda – wikipedia, Lei Tai.

  90. scott cudi

    So is sanshou and sanda the same thing?

  91. mansodazz

    supongo que quiso decir; cualquier disciplina que aplique trompadas,
    arrojes y patadas podria participar de esta modalidad. 🙂

  92. Eliomar Costa

    there is no karate on it, pal! no straight strikes!

  93. Vanisher Storm

    karate+boxing+judo= sanda

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