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Published on April 21, 2011

I’m really impressed with the precision of the kicks in Savate. They’re as
precise with them as they are with their hands. They’re also very good at
stop-hitting with their feet as well, which is one thing that sets it apart
from alot of other martial arts. I would say that someone proficient in
Savate could handle themselves on the street pretty well. I think what
would hurt Savate in a mixed martial art fight is single attacks that bring
alot of force.

By supergnc May 7, 2012 at 9:04 pm

  1. salim yeboah

    What the name of the song

  2. Andrej Lukić

    you should call this vid best off people walking on and off stage and

  3. Monty

    This is my first time watching a Savate fight, but are these guys amateurs?
    They all seem to be pretty sloppy with their strikes.

  4. Supertomiman

    muay thai in the west might have been heavily influenced by regular boxing
    and is probable degraded from the original, like it tends to happen with
    such things. savate doesn’t have this problem since it was independantly
    developed in France without foreign or at least without intercontinental

  5. Trevor Cook

    Fantastic technique. Respect.

  6. velvetpussy

    Maybe muay thai is more efficent than Savate, but Savate is most beautiful
    to see.

  7. Eduardo Magalhães

    ok its not gay, but a gay person would be very happy with it..savate and
    kickboxing are nothing, there is only one – muay thai!

  8. Doble del Diablo

    whats the name of the track?

  9. godawar

    Savate is one of the best western martial arts . . . kicking Techniques and
    foot works are a lot better that Asian martial arts

  10. Vam The Anomaly

    Not to agree with the people you are getting on to but I think what Lee
    wore in that movie was more of a track suit that some motorcyclists wear
    and not a savate uniform.

  11. langying

    By the way, where this music come from?

  12. Vetax42

    nope, Bruce Lee wore a yellow tracksuit 🙂 still, nevermind the clothes,
    respect to savate boxers!

  13. Thomas Guihard

    Whaww…les gros enchaînements d’la mort…

  14. Geoff Findley

    scary thing about savate kicking is the accuracy of the kicks, quick kicks
    to the liver would kill me haha

  15. Kaan K

    Transporter fucking wears a suit

  16. l2a3sterling


  17. hrzan

    You are looking for the Gilles Le Duigou(France) vs Ishima(Japan) fight…

  18. Smokey Mcpot

    just took the head kick like it was nothing .beast

  19. TezqoGaming

    what is the name of the man at @2.25 in blue ?

  20. lesgrosporcdesifs

    they can’t hit with their shins and knees !

  21. noobsound

    whats the diference between the rules of this style and k-1 / kickboxing?

  22. High_rev_16v

    whats the name of the song on this video?

  23. bolasdefraile

    Very nice moves! I love the two knock outs in the end of the video

  24. NinkasiDelight

    We’re all experts here.

  25. Grayman

    whats the song???

  26. Рикардо Карденас

    also those guys kick ass so it doesnt realy matter how they look

  27. Abraham Zarate

    So, is this the best you have?

  28. MrOttmandus

    I wrestled in high school and absolutely hated the singlet. When i statred
    learning jui-jitsu I dint really like the look of the gaurd position. So it
    is what it is.

  29. etpo

    and the interesting point of savate is that you can work on mlight
    trainings and have fun , and just make it rougher when you want. That a
    thing you cannlot reallyy do with thai o english boxing

  30. etpo

    you’re right, and I’ve seen more than one time a savate boxer kick a thai
    boxer ass on the street, because te thai training wich is kicking so
    strongly that can make bone break make them mor eagresive people (at least
    in france, probably not in asia). I practice savate boxing for 15 years

  31. jazzy jay

    in savate you can only score points with kicks, so yeah theyre kinda

  32. Anna Domenica Tomičić

    I go on that and Im a girl.

  33. ntrallicanecchi

    Not true … Bruce Lee designed it just for the movie. The Savate suit has
    not long sleeve.

  34. jurishnik smrti

    god some people are plain retarded.. (there isnt one stupid arrow in this
    keyboard pointing down below but you get the idea)

  35. ANZACJugger0

    buakaw is good no doubt about it but once the frenchies have their shoes on
    the game changes give the savateurs theirs weapons and Muay thai theirs and
    then see them go at it then we can see whos the boss (the thais dont like
    the boots)

  36. iPodVideo99

    Muay Thai > Savate the science of 8 limbs destroys savate. one word:
    BUAKAW, the savate killer

  37. iPodVideo99

    Bruce Lee DID NOT wear a savate uniform in the Game of Death. it was a
    tracksuit costume..what is your source that makes you think it’s a savate
    uniform? you’re the dumbass, dumbass!

  38. TheEidolon7

    Savate is “fencing with the foot” so it should be both useful and elegant.
    Savate is a very good art and Savate defense is good for the street. We can
    add some lutte or wrestling and have a very formidable martial art.

  39. Internetpolice666

    @Philipe0849 You obviously have a problem differentiating between gay and
    cool. Bruce Lee’s costume wasn’t turquoise and didn’t have flames up the
    legs….etc…etc. Savate Integrales are ridiculous.

  40. bosshoggett

    Music sucks arse.

  41. unnamedbastard88

    that fighters uses shoes for fight and they dont hit with tibia, they hits
    with the iron of his shoes

  42. arschloch penner

    where is the difference to kickboxing?

  43. phillip h

    People who think the uniform looks gay, must be experts on whats gay.. They
    sound very uneducated.. Bruce Lee wore a savate uniform in the movie game
    of death dumb asses..

  44. phillip h

    @smokerchokerz Bruce Lee wore one in the movie game of death..

  45. Marcus D.

    Yeah. Whats up with these gay suits?

  46. vik303

    Anitek & Tab – Elmer Fudd Theory (Feat. Tone Liv) song name

  47. SaintGamzali

    that of the song playing?

  48. thunderheart226

    @Artaxerxes1986 yea its like the kicks have to be there. u cant just punch
    for 3 secs and not a at least 1 kick

  49. Anton Purple

    Interesting, but these pants is really gay

  50. Artaxerxes1986

    im not a big fan of savate but these boxers incorporate their kicks into
    their fights much better than western muay thai boxers do. western boxers
    can often be seen utilising very few of the muay thai weapons because they
    are more concerned with punching and their kicks are swung carelessly with
    as much power as possible but little control. it doesnt seem the case with
    these guys.

  51. paladindarknite

    @l2a3sterling that was old school savate before it become illegal

  52. AUCyberMan

    @moltenthoughts Try RIVAT

  53. plasmawisp

    can somebody tell me where i can order some savate shoes

  54. oggedask

    @Dimitri0809 well some lavish tights can be more gay then a naked man in oil

  55. l2a3sterling

    @zaper684 To the body only; seldom used or scored.

  56. zaper684

    @l2a3sterling wait olympic taekwondo doesn;t allow punches?

  57. l2a3sterling

    “i believe they could make savate safe by using foot guards ” I was
    thinking blades on the toe of the shoes plus ground glass on the gloves
    would maake this a better sport…lol

  58. l2a3sterling

    @zaper684 “i believe they could make savate safe by using foot guards” You
    could also disallow punches…………Bogus (a la olympic taekwondo) or
    only allow kicks avove the belt …(pka) The shoes and the wide variety of
    targets and tools (hands and feet) ar what makes Savate distinctive,
    spectacular and effective. You could also disallow speed like Tai-chi….

  59. jean paul

    bon niveau

  60. Kyle Montenegro

    @zaper684 But that’s tradition, and if people sign up to get kicked by
    other dudes with shoes on, why change that?

  61. estebanlucie2

    vidéo très sympa…..

  62. unnamedbastard88

    whats the song<'????

  63. Tomahawk2607

    encore une fois une tres belle video de VXS, et bonus de fin un Ludovic
    Millet au toujours au top! simplement génial 🙂

  64. zaper684

    i believe they could make savate safe by using foot guards that are used in
    light contact karate tournaments, with boots on this art is too dangerous
    for the ring

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