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Published on September 10, 2010

History Channel : Human Weapon


Master Moves of Savate (French Kick Boxing)

  1. DeltaAssualt

    nice fighting style using boots sounds like me. I wear 10ilb steel toed
    boots every day and studying Krav Maga with a mix of eskrima and sambo
    fighting style I might have to add this style in.

  2. Yang Ken

    holy shit with boots?

  3. Ting Ting

    I swept the feet of a boy in 5th grade. I had no idea how I did that but
    now I’m gonna master that move.

  4. Olivér Juhász [Colibri]

    I did a chasse bas on MMA and my oppenet said: Yo I’m dying XD So yeah it’s
    a great technique :D

  5. Peter “Asderso” Pan

    Beyond, I begin to realize this SAVATE stuff really works in street
    fighting. Of course if attacker does not use bats, knife or a gun.

    • Peter “Asderso” Pan

      +Personage there is 1 type that I want to fight: The Bully that is rude,
      aggressive and wants to dominate me only because he feels I am different,
      educated and cool vs. him. Also, I will slap with maximum joy any
      girl/female that advances into my nose, ready to slap me, only because she
      is convinced I will not hit a woman.

    • Personage

      +Peter Pan I don’t blame you. Just don’t use it in one of those vendetta
      fights unless you actually plan to really hurt or kill someone.

    • Peter “Asderso” Pan

      +Personage too bad, an cruel and vicious attacker will use it against you,
      NO mercy whatsoever for you.

    • Personage

      +Peter “Asderso” Pan Yes, very effective. But really dangerous, I’ve
      realized. I don’t use it’s full efficiency in a street fight whenever I’m
      in one.

  6. Eoin Fleming


  7. MuayThai Latino

    human weapon = 50% basic moves with den different names (roundhouse kick,
    upper cut) 50% On effective techniques

  8. Petar Nedeljkovic

    ” A Jab Delivers 34268 Pounds Of Force, Enough To Throw The Moon in To The

  9. DJ Monk3y

    everything works

  10. Hot Chocolate

    LLLOOOOOLLL 1:07 Jon Jones’s oblique kick.

  11. Miles Berry

    ok in the first one i dont want to freaking kill them!

  12. Dylan Mirabella

    Seriously he just said that the 1st kick is strong enough to push your nose
    bone into your brain… The nose isn’t a fucking bone it’s cartilage and
    the skull is so dense unless you break a hole into it nothing is going to
    be pushed through it.

    • nohitterquitter

      +Dylan Mirabella Yeah it can’t, if you could there would be a lot of deaths
      in combat sports

    • Dylan Mirabella

      I don’t doubt that one punch could kill, I just don’t believe that your
      nose can be launched into your brain.

    • Bourbon Kid

      +Dylan Mirabella I once saw the video of someone that died instantly
      because the nose to brain thing happened. It wasn’t with savate, it was
      just a teenager that was bullied and riposted by a punch and accidentally
      killed one of his bullies. May have been false.

  13. mangerlentement

    Why do they put this stupid “E=1/2 mv₂²” everytime they hit?

    • Rampage Phoenix

      +mangerlentement If i had to venture a guess, I think its to drive home the
      idea that fighting is more than just mindless brutality. There is
      scientific logic behind fighting skill; They say that most good martial
      artists around the world understand this like it was “Fighting 101”.

  14. kostas apostolidis

    its super

  15. DaZeD Merlin

    1:26, since when do humans have their livers on the left side of their
    Wouldn’t it be a more complete liver attack if he hit it from the right?

  16. Nimos Rellak

    The second kick is NOT chasse bas.

    It is coup de pied bas.

  17. sweetlenore

    If I had skills like this I’d become a vigilante.

  18. Has Kk

    “The only form of kickboxing in the world where they wear boots” are they
    retarded… In American kickboxing they wear boots probably the most well
    known and wide spread widely practiced fork of kickboxing in the world 

  19. mohcine dokovic

    master moves

  20. halil şahin

    00:42 badr hari vs. Alistair overeem

  21. DutchGameBlog DGB

    That second kick is alsow used in wing chun

    • ntphong999

      +DutchGameBlog DGB Yes, and if you combine savate with wing chun you have
      Jet Kune Do !

  22. Hamoody

    I sparred with my friend and he used the chasse kick ended up smashing my
    nuts instead…

  23. simpleng tao

    kick boxing is originally from french??

    • simpleng tao

      ok sir now i know

    • ntphong999

      +simpleng tao No it’s two different ways of boxing with fists and feet. The
      savate was born in the 1850’s as a self defense activity. It was immensely
      popular in France until 1914-1918 were many of the best fighters were
      killed in the trenches … Now everyone knows kickboxing or muay thaï, and
      the art of savate is somewhat forgotten even by the french themselves.

    • team cruiser

      +simpleng tao no kickboxing was create by karate master (from japan) who
      come in thailand and test the muay thaï, after that they create the
      kickboxing, a mixt of muay thaï and karate

  24. charlize ong

    first of all, what are they wearing?
    y’all look bad af but those outfits look like shit




    Just kickboxing but now it is a french thing. 

    • RoyalGaming test fr

      +UNCLEBOB oh yeah, because savate is a new thing.. ofc x’)

  27. Rickbro malla

    Apparently, if you want to see how to win a school fight this isnt the
    place to come. Im still too young to go to 5 years least in jail for
    killing someone… 

    • Kevin Ouellet

      +Rickbro Roblox If you want to win a school fight start training in a
      discipline, that’s why gyms, studios, and dojos exist,

  28. HARRY JC

    There is no nose bone that can go up into your brain. Your nose is soft

  29. Guerrilla Gorilla

    I’m sure there are more techniques than just these but it has anything Muay
    Thai doesn’t aside from the foot sweeps which I already know from Judo. …
    I guess I already know Savate :-p

    • Kevin Ouellet

      +Dominique Dorsinville watch the fight quest for Savate, its like TKD and
      AKB has a strange European Cousin.

  30. inferno0020

    The kicking is very impractical in real fight.

    • Gavrane1

      +inferno0020 chasse bas is very practical also leg swip is especially in
      the early stage of fight when you are being attacked

    • inferno0020

      because i know that, in karate, the kicking was originally designed for
      countering samurais with swords. It might work sometimes but not in the
      hand-to-hand combats. Thanks for your explanations.

    • Kyle Dubisz

      Actually this is a problem that many fighters find which i why you don’t
      usually people start with with a high kick but use it after the opponent is
      fazed. If you want to start with a kick go for the knees.

    • inferno0020

      Well, I need to apologize for being like a troll. My concern was that the
      opponent will catch his leg if a combatant kicked too high. How do the
      savate solve this problem?

    • Kyle Dubisz

      +inferno0020 I know that savate is one of the deadliest martial arts in the
      world and that kicks are very useful when in quick succession combinations.

  31. Mr. Krokodil

    This is good shit, but aikido will always be better
    *Grabs popcorns*

  32. Stacey C

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  33. Christian Wilkett-Lumba (Dolphin)

    My wife is in nursing and weirdly I thought she was kidding when she said
    some guys nose bone killed him I thought it was impossible . Wow you can
    count on the french to prove me wrong

    • GlucoseFructose

      +Christian Wilkett-Lumba except, it is impossible. if your wife is lying to
      you about this, what else would she be lying to you about!? go interrogate

  34. Kako Palangano

    man i was expecting a run and hide session.

    Bad joke.

  35. komang 0000

    inspiri9ng. lets see if i cant win the fight with my sparring partner

  36. omar bouzand


  37. Derek Keogh

    nose bone into the brain? complete and utter bullshit! was enjoying the
    video until i heard that , these videos are bollox

  38. Jinhunter Slay

    2:09 ~ Wouldn’t that hurt your TOE!!?? oh wait…they wear boots …..those
    Frenchies don’t play fair -_-

    • edi

      +Jinhunter Slay They don’t play, they fight.

    • Az Erty

      That sport was created by french sailor during their trip arond the world
      ans they were wearing boots, now the sport evolved a little but but the
      boot thing was kept

    • Jinhunter Slay

      +Lucas Elder If you can do both, that would be great!

    • Lucas Elder

      You can play fair or you can win

  39. Simon Ström

    I usually use Chasse bass in MMA fights.
    Did not know it was a savate kick tho.

  40. Joseph Chowdhury

    There is nothing like wing chun
    Martial art

    • 99cpZebralily

      +Joseph Chowdhury 🙂

  41. weaselbusters

    why do they keep fighting with shoes? it s much more dangerous! a fast and
    strong foot tip in the face with hard shoes is insane in a sport!

    • ntphong999

      +weaselbusters With shoes you have far more stability when you rotate to
      kick your opponent. Savate is meant to be used in the street not on a
      tatami. In the end of the 19th century life was hard and there were lots of

    • solwen

      Because it was used in street fights to dispose of pest, not as a sport.

    • 93200Jonas

      because it’s the roots of that’s combat sport 🙂 “Savate” means in french
      “old shoes.”
      Boxing with savate’s shoes (ex: Rivat) allows you many tactics (sharp to
      the liver, fouette, blocking attacks with the shoes etc), and yea a shoes
      in the face it’s hurt 😀 KOOOO

  42. Jon155mt

    Sanji from One Piece brought me here…

    • UnexpectedWonder

      Yeah, “Black Leg” Sanji doesn’t utilize Hands or Elbows.

    • Rawden

      Sanji’s style is more based in capoeira than savate. The techniques he uses
      are incredibly similar to a lot of capoeira’s signature moves. That being
      said, I do think that they adopted at least some of his moves from savate,
      but it is mostly capoeira.

  43. Blaze Fork

    I’ve tried that before…

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  45. M Barbaro

    Its called stretching

  46. Michele Viareggio

    Thay Boxe is better

  47. Balkrishna Dulal

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    converted his body from 285 lbs of pure fat into 219lbs of full-strength
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  48. Blaze Fork

    What if you’re inflexible and can’t get your leg to reach that high?


    nice one siilver surfer

  50. karur

    As a french guy, I’ve got to tell that the pronunciation of the techniques’
    names (which are, of course, french words) is pretty funny ! ^^ But the
    documentary is quite interesting and well done.

  51. Rexona khatun

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  52. nagayuddha

    kicking to the head wasn’t universal until recent times, punching too.
    Savateurs trace their linage to the sailors of XVIII century (hint – French
    Indochina). It is as much french as Tae Kwan Do is korean.

  53. Kunstdesfechtens

    I’m not saying that Savate has Gaulish roots. I’m saying that punching and
    kicking is basically universal. It comes from French streetfighting, with
    the exception of the borrowing of English boxing techniques. Neither Savate
    or Canne de Combat have any documented Cambodian roots. There are many
    indigenous European stick fighting arts, and France had been a highly
    martial culture for many centuries. They didn’t have to go to Cambodia to
    learn to whack someone with a stick.

  54. nagayuddha

    To originate savate from gaulish is ridiculous, boxe francaise(sic) has
    cambodian roots, as so chausson and canne de combat.

  55. pipicacaization

    yeah right… you obviously dont know shit troll

  56. DenshaOtoko2

    JKD’s kicks did have core concepts in Savate.

  57. Buttontheplay

    savate is just gay

  58. Larrryyyy

    No u cant get ur nosebone smashed into ur brain…

  59. UnclePutte

    I’ve noticed similar connections between kendo and hema, and even more
    peripheral similarities ranging from the philippines to the americas. The
    only bit of wisdom I can glean of the mix is that with the very same body
    structure and the same objectives, results will also be the same most of
    the time.

  60. Kunstdesfechtens

    It was codified in the 1800’s, well before Krav Maga. There are Roman
    references to the powerful kicks and punches of Gaulish tribes, so it’s
    nothing new to the French either. Just because two things look the same
    doesn’t mean they share a heritage. There are only so many ways to break a
    human body and when forced to fight, a culture figures them out really

  61. Dean Garside

    No mate that was wing chung

  62. saturninedecember

    that’s damn awesome.

  63. mihirjagger

    That is how Sherlock Holmes measures his moves.

  64. I/▲I

    The main kicks in Savate are identical to those in Karate, just saying.

  65. arif coskun

    idiotic level OVER 9000!!!!

  66. Joseph Abgrall

    I think it’s “canne de combat”, a french martial art too.

  67. MrPapaMojo

    what sword fighting style is this: 0:10

  68. Ankoku15

    Omg! Wing Chun shares a common move with Savate! Our main kick is actually
    the Chasse Bas!


    Dont be such a Donkey its clearly a Wing Chun stomp kick which has been
    around for well over 500 years ! Savat is a very new Martial Art like
    Kravmaga !

  70. Bapt Le Margouillat

    this is not exactly the same movement. In wing chun you do not put your
    weight with your hips and you turn over your knee to inérieur early
    gesture. le chassé bas is faster and allows especially to stop the enemy
    before him enchainer a combo.


    The Chasse Bass Kick is originally from the Wing Chun Kick !

  72. Alwyn Dixon

    what’s with all of these Bangladeshi’s advertising this weight loss /
    muscle gain / never be bullied again shite?

  73. Greg Monts

    I was thinking the same thing. Its simple anatomy its an old martial arts
    myth that was never corrected.

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  75. egg -


  76. Alwyn Dixon

    What a cock the commentator is! “the kick can deliver enough power to drive
    the nose bone up into the brain”. Good trick that as the nose is made from
    cartilage, not bone. The only bone is where the hole of the nose is joining
    to the skull. why so these people talk such nonsense? It just detracts from
    a great and historical fighting system

  77. Dan Baig

    Back when History channel showed raw ass shit and not that dumb ass on
    Ancient Aliens.

  78. austin singletary

    no doubt this stuff is effective…a savat dude came to my mauy thai class
    and he looked so different with his style i had no idea that he was going
    to whoop my ass in sparring …lol go larence ..aka pierre

  79. Md Siddiqur Rahman

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  80. DannyToTheMax

    Jon Jones uses alot of this moves.

  81. mohamed ashraf

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  82. eusebiolopez91

    Jenial estas defensas

  83. Andrew Karlin

    Me myself use muay thai

  84. Andrew Karlin

    I’d like to see someone really good at Muay thai Vs Someone really good at

  85. Spe Pie

    Warning: The liver is on the right side of the rib cage.

  86. René Descartes


  87. Shadohz

    Agreed. This seems like a great ‘intro to martial arts’ style. I think a
    firm kick to the nuts would pretty much end someone using this as a
    technique though.

  88. boudje gerare

    je suis fier d etre francais!


    …where contestants wear boots

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