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Published on October 29, 2008

Savate (French Boxing) Combination and Techniques.

There’s a good variety of kicks in savate, I’d say divided in 3 principles = direct, circular, luring. “fouetté” kick is the basic one but you have some “revers” some “chassés”, jump kicks, step kicks. You can also use kicks to make your opponent fall on the ground in a judo way or also in a crouched circular way, but the “judo way” is the most used by tireurs.


Savate Combos

  1. Dean Miller

    You can always train to add more power to these techniques, just because it
    is a point scoring sport doesn’t mean you can’t make those techniques work
    in combat

  2. Clayton Alexander

    Sevate or ( foot fighting )was originally developed by French sailors as a
    means of exercise and sport aboard ship and was then moved into the streets
    of Paris where it was added to with bare knuckles boxing when it began to
    develope into a fighting art and now it is mostly a sport again

  3. Mat Seg

    For people who are criticising this sport, of course it doesnt have the
    level of muah thai, but originally, this sport appears in Paris Streets, in
    the xixth century when scum used to develop those techniques to fight!
    On this point of view I have much respect for this sport, it proofs that it
    is usefull in the street

  4. Holy_Inferno

    Can someone explain to me why they wear this?

  5. kokobunch

    weak against thai boxing

    • erin drake

      Dekkers got beat by a Savate guy…..

    • ellfada

      Blabla muay thai is better, no no you’re wrong blabla jiu jitsu the best,
      blabla are you kidding me MMA is superior. Please come on. Every martial
      art has its own rules and history and within these rules you can find your
      Savate is better regarding distance management and speed as you can find
      “out of range” jumped attacks. Muay thai shows stronger impacts but it is
      slower. Nevertheless, muay thai is better at short distances (knees and
      elbows). But this is a strategy difference between attacking from a long
      range or a short range.

  6. Dan0101010101010

    Savate is so weak. All the kicks just tickle. Even the stomp kick to the
    knee does little damage. Apparently it evolved from Kung Fu, you can see
    why, thats another weak art. 

    • Andres Del la cruz

      +Canalus I do like martial arts and pretty open minded (to a point of
      course) about styles. I want to know other ways to hit as well

      Side note do I have videos?

    • Canalus

      +Andres Del la cruz Oh yes, you have some really cool videos on the subject
      here on Youtube, for your consideration.

    • Andres Del la cruz

      +Canalus Didn’t know they had variants, some point I should try to
      incorporate it with my Eskrima/JKD

    • Canalus

      +victorrain No problem! He practices the sport variant, he learned it from
      a french friend who was a national champion in his younger years.

    • victorrain

      Does your father practice Savate Defense or the combat sport variant?
      Thanks for responding!

  7. kirikirikiri31

    The guy demonstrating the techniques is Kamel Chouaref (you can look him up
    on youtube) great champion in savate, kick boxing and full contact. World
    titles and a record of 135 fight, 130 wins, 4 losses 1 draw. Great

    • dragonfist25

      Dang I didn’t realize he had that many fights. Very impressive.

  8. KFCBucketful

    Savate is not french boxing..It’s french street fighting made official

  9. sanddocon

    up load the full vib

  10. SharkKarate

    This is a really nice drill.

  11. fatshoki

    how’s the whole video called? like, whole DVD? thanks

  12. freddy haroun

    chasse basse

  13. cawkazn

    im pretty sure there are some savate fighters that have transitioned to
    muay thai and done well. can anyone name a few for me? would like to watch
    them fight.

  14. NUTSKA2

    whats the name of the first kick?

  15. bastiaan0741

    I would love to see as well.

  16. snif01

    sanji brought me here.

  17. 2patero

    Bruce Lee took a lot from this art!


    Great stuff!!! I add this to my wing chun/kickboxing training as well

  19. BulletWitch18

    Complètement d’accord avec vous 1000%

  20. JustinCRAZYrohFanBRO

    I like this more than muay thai and regular kickboxing 🙂 french
    fighters/soldiers must be pretty awesome they’ve got Savate, Greco-roman
    wrestling and parkour 🙂

  21. nap napo

    Dis donc, c’est qu’il est haineux le rosbeef ! Si je me permettais une
    conclusion hâtive comme tu le fais pour les français, je dirais que les
    anglosaxons sont une civilisation haîneuse et raciste. Rien qu’à en voir
    vos faits en amérique: génocide amérindien et acadien (donc français) et
    maintenant vous vous en prenez au monde musulman… Mais je ne m’arrête pas
    à ça, il y a du génie chez les anglais comme il y en a en France, et
    Molière en fait partie.

  22. nap napo

    Stupide réponse, en plus un anglophone est mal placé pour le dire. Lis ce
    qu’écris Orwell sur la langue anglaise moderne dans “Politics and the
    English Language”. “It becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are
    foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to
    have foolish thoughts.” Aucune langue n’est parfaite, mais il faut
    apprendre à accepter que des cultures différentes de la sienne ne sont pas
    forcément inférieures.

  23. Simon Krusty

    Against the low kick in savate, just avoid hit by moving, switch guarde, or
    taking the hit. No blocking/pushing with hands because that will open too
    much your guarde.

  24. moliere55555

    solo sabes insultar porque no eres lo suficientemente inteligente para
    argumentar nada tio vacio

  25. moliere55555

    no entiendes nada o si “entiendes” demasiado guapa? tu ni siquiera tienes
    un idioma: el brasileño no existe! tienes que hablar otro idioma prestado
    el portugues…

  26. Br4v3w0lf

    lalalalalalalaal stupid language

  27. moliere55555

    anda pero si eres del culo del mundo brasil!! para cuando salis del 3º
    mundo? nunca porque lo unico que sabeis hacer es bailar samba y no trabajar
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    lo menos el habito no hace al monje porque vuestro deporte es un baile de
    salon!! como el tango o el vals! hahahahaha

  28. moliere55555

    claro que lo sabes pues estuviste a 4 patas no hace mucho tiempo te gusto
    eh?? cuando quieras despues de follarme a tu padre te toca a ti otra vez

  29. Br4v3w0lf

    moliere kkkk wtf gay french name

  30. moliere55555

    like you

  31. moliere55555

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  32. Br4v3w0lf

    stupid clothes

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  34. MeditationProfonde

    They don’t practice it alot in most clubs, i don’t know why, but it’s
    perfectly allowed (any punch and kick are allowed in muay thai, except to
    the groin).

  35. jurishnik smrti

    never seen it being done. they just low kick each other.

  36. MeditationProfonde

    Lol of course it is allowed in thai.

  37. Br4v3w0lf

    stupid faggots clothes

  38. Mider999

    Is this video about self defense? Cause those kicks can break a leg.

  39. Aye0303

    Yesterday ..i got my ass kicked @ karate Now Im going to practice these
    savate combos 😀

  40. MythicEpitaph

    Anyone know the name of the song?

  41. LiamoMacDeadly

    Is that a younger Any Hug attacking?? Really looks like him.

  42. Сильвестр Андреевич

    How is it to create kickboxing if if there is savate

  43. Joshua Mesa

    This martial arts is awesome I’m currently studying this among other styles
    of martial arts.

  44. jurishnik smrti

    @SkywarpMach7 which is not really smart cause elbow to the temple or knee
    to the heart region is far more deadly.

  45. SkywarpMach7

    @ookami3380 I heard they were banned from Kickboxing and Thai Boxing.

  46. SkywarpMach7

    They ban these kicks on muay thai…..but not in MMA …..smh…..

  47. jurishnik smrti

    @TheCtxxxx of course. that kick is not allowed in m.thai but its essential
    in savate.

  48. TheCtxxxx

    Is the first kick allowed in a savate competition ? That looks very
    dangerous …..

  49. zaco21

    Does anyone know of Savate leg blocks? I’m sure that they developed them
    since they use kicks a lot but I can’t find anything about them!

  50. DrinkUrPruneJuice77

    I love these outfits

  51. Ajeje Brazorf

    minchia i power ranger!!!!!!!

  52. sahapoom1975

    I think Savate outfit is look gayest.

  53. Dj1LL

    nice dragon ball z outfits

  54. AlekSensej

    O man one time i seen a jungle savate. Jungle savate is much more brutal
    when this.

  55. sabinoson

    Those leg kicks with the shoe look like they could do a lot of damage (not
    just impact, but cutting and scrapping) to an opponent. Ouch. Very nice
    combos. Thanks for posting!

  56. dragonfist25

    @oldemmerich try budovideos . com 🙂

  57. dragonfist25

    @humbleboxer1 Bruce Lee borrowed heavily from savate according to Dan

  58. salvtrooper113

    @humbleboxer1 Bruce Lee would get reels of Savate boxing and study their
    kicking techniques. Jeet Kune do incorporates Savate kicks

  59. Mi Horrorshow

    savate got some sick move’s

  60. BlueDemon77

    @jamariooo Thanks for the insight. I did some JKD and a similiar techniques
    are used, of course, Lee had a lot of respect for savate, so ‘stole’ the

  61. jamariooo

    @BlueDemon77 i train savate, no blocks for low kicks, only dodging
    techniques and they always teach you an effective counter attack after you
    dodged it. But when you get more advanced you can do lateral
    shase(sidekick) into the leg opponent is trying to kick you with, so that
    would be some kind of block, that happens A LOT in sparring.

  62. Piatasify

    @XNancyCX I’ve seen a thai-boxer with a strong boxing background fight in a
    very similar style to this

  63. Nancy Colbridge

    Very similar to Thai Boxing. And in some of their moves I found it similar
    to Israel Kraw Maga. Very inturesting technique indeed.

  64. ioriyagami

    @AlexLococo i am not talking about the WTF (World Ta kwondo Federation)
    “sport TKD” like almost everybody sees, i am talking about the ITF style of
    TKD. the “Fighting” version of TKD. i took ITF so i know the diff. and the
    ITF and Savate styles are (again IMO) look so similar

  65. brucew22

    @ioriyagami Savate has good boxing hands, and has fully integrated the
    boxing with the kicking.

  66. ioriyagami

    i wanna see TKD vs Savate match. the styles (to me IMO) look identical.

  67. BlueDemon77

    I’d love to study Savate but the nearest gym is 200+ kms away… How do
    savateursdefend against the low kicks? Any knd of shin blocks like muay

  68. Toyomata

    @bob23yer sometimes, depends on what you consider a sport, legal or not

  69. Robert Deroyer

    Isn’t it forbidden to kick on the knees in contact sports?

  70. Mi Horrorshow

    @kkkY11111 What’s that?

  71. victorrain

    @kkkY11111 …..okay

  72. Or unkH

    @victorrain with some pencils now 🙂

  73. Or unkH

    @hotpopcorncake Biggie even

  74. Or unkH

    @hotpopcorncake just go suited as you like to^^ short or else no biggy. But
    some shoes “wouldn’t” hurt! Savate shoes are cool too!

  75. victorrain

    @kkkY11111 Thank you very much for answering my questions. Are you a

  76. Or unkH

    @victorrain Hey!! Mhhh I’m not sure, I’m afraid you need to search more
    into savate défense. The competition (like this vid) is different than the
    street savating ; which I think can compare to jeet kun do. Competition
    have not the same codes than street fighting, like S.défense or “canne de
    combat”. In my opinion only, I’d say if you want to use the ground watch
    some savate défense and if you want weapons then canne de combat. But all
    of them are the same spirit XD

  77. victorrain

    @kkkY11111 Are there advanced techniques in Savate that deal with closer
    range stuff like knees, elbows, or even grappling?

  78. victorrain

    @humbleboxer1 Actually Bruce liked the kicks in this art and adapted them
    in Jeet Kune Do.

  79. Mi Horrorshow

    @kkkY11111 I always wanna to try savate, but you have to kill me to be in

  80. Or unkH

    @hotpopcorncake That was my purpose!!! XD And I save you the pain of full
    caps saying that!! lol I like how those suit looks, I had a red a black one
    from my brother, was awesome! But legs were open large (the slim legs suits
    I don’t like). With good savate shoes it’s a pleasur, lot better that sport
    clothes and nikes :p)

  81. Mi Horrorshow

    @kkkY11111 That’s worst advise ever, so he can get more rich..hell no. i
    will not allowed this, you made me angry grrr..

  82. Or unkH

    Maybe I didn’t answered your question sorry, but th efact feets are used
    doesn’t limit you, it’s even better as you can play with close/long range
    tactic strikes.

  83. Or unkH

    @hotpopcorncake if you wan’t to see some fashion then go watch a vid of
    justin bieber.

  84. Or unkH

    @Malbec0 It’s a tactical suit and not made for fashion. In war you don’t
    care fashion, you care about effectiveness. You look people on apparence
    while their skill are much more important. You undertsood nothing… who
    cares a suit look fine or good? its just a suit…

  85. rodfpuncher

    @Branka4 then u have allot of work

  86. k531323

    @oldemmerich Its called SAVATE MY CHAMPION TECHNIQUES /with Kamel Chouaref/

  87. Dudeguy Someone

    @humbleboxer1 Bruce Lee observed and studied different martial arts, Savate
    is one of them.

  88. oldemmerich

    anyone know where i can download or buy this series? 🙂

  89. victorrain

    Are the kick varieties limited in savate because you can only strike with
    your feet?

  90. jamariooo

    @TheTaoofJKD yeah i was wrong.. but i didn’t mean cause of power, but cause
    he turned his right foot 90 deegres and not 180 while kicking with left in
    first combo in video and then i stoped watching so didnt see rest :/

  91. TheTaoofJKD

    @jamariooo These guys suck? They’re both silver glove competitors from one
    of the most well know and successful savate camps in France. Yeah they
    aren’t ripping into each other, duh it’s an instructional video. If you
    don’t take care of your partner you have no one to practice the technique
    on. Power is the least important thing when developing a technique. And I
    quote my savate instructor Prof. Salem Assli when he said that.

  92. jamariooo

    these guys in video suck, actualy all instructionson on youtube that i have
    seen about savate suck, thats why some people doubt in power of savate

  93. looker768

    @Branka4 lol!

  94. TaeIeon

    @Kirillcankicker 🙂

  95. Kirill Ginzhul

    @TaeIeon lol dude I saw his post, then I was about to say the exact same
    thing you were going to say.

  96. TaeIeon

    @humbleboxer1 Bruce lee learned alot from savate and french fencing (Dan
    inosanto said so)

  97. ragny

    horrible music!!!! otherwise very good

  98. shiz2theniz5

    i still don’t see why ppl hate on the suits that savateurs wear…’s
    really not that gay. they are like wrestling outfits, and those are way
    gayer than these outfits.

  99. Mi Horrorshow

    but i like the techniqueis

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