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Published on August 1, 2008
October 14, 2009 at 2:28 am
Because for some styles of martial arts, this place has some weak points that are vital For example, a Karate specialist or a Tae Kwon Do specialist might be able to get a crotch shot in one of those kicks. However, this is a powerhouse style as well, where the main points are attacking the head, liver, and heel, leaving severe crippling to those who aren’t able to endure or control Savate. I also am searching for a place that teaches Savate, seems like an interesting style.


Savate – Kick Boxing

  1. ciprian duridiou

    french muay thai gheto rap

  2. Wisstihrwas

    Great video!

  3. claudeashxiii


  4. TheTaoofJKD

    @Curatalo506 Simple there’s very little knowledge of Savate in the US,
    meaning there are probably under a dozen schools that actually teach it.
    Also due to rampant elitism in the MMA world arts like Savate are often
    looked down upon and their ‘effectiveness’ doubted. An ignorant thing of
    course. But that’s simply how people are.

  5. dragonfist25

    @Curatalo506 Manly because people aren’t open minded enough to try
    something other than Thai boxing.

  6. 1awareness

    (The guy in the blue shorts have/does great footwork)

  7. Aj Washio

    @Curatalo506 bellator light heavy weight champ is a savateur and he uses
    judo as well

  8. RDraGon2179

    @Ungenericteen Just sounds like your red belt brother needs more practice
    hitting his target. No matter what style you must practice your accuracy.

  9. Grahamhg

    @Curatalo506 mmas banned in france.

  10. Aj Washio

    @Jandro1083 Savate kicks have much more accuracy than TKD kicks, I can hit
    my taller friends on the nose and my brother a red-belt in TKD has trouble
    hitting my liver.

  11. Jandro Rod

    @TheLoxUK yep, Savate kicks are like an in between TKD and MT.

  12. Jandro Rod

    @TheLoxUK I know, reason why it is shoe based. Barefoot a powerful kick
    will shatter the bones on your foot. I practice Muay Thai and that’s like
    the 1st thing my teacher told me when kicking. We must lightly kick a
    certain way the end of the heavy bag as a warm up of sorts in case we
    accidentally miss with our shin slightly and hit it with the bare feet. It
    will cause a major injury.

  13. Jandro Rod

    @Curatalo506 the last savate guy i saw in the UFC- don’t remember his name-
    was some black French guy who talked a lot in the interview about “I’m
    gonna show that French men aren’t cowards. People say we don’t have any
    heart and quit early, i’m here to prove the world wrong.” Then he quits on
    his stool after rnd1 LOL

  14. Jandro Rod

    @TheLoxUK It’s a finisher cause they use special and tipped shoes, did you
    know that? Kick like that without those shoes and say goodbye to your feet

  15. jamariooo

    @Evan2000an10 NO

  16. Eric G.


  17. jontti66

    Magnifique practice.. Tre bien!!

  18. Momentimum

    @SmilingPhallus An art cannot defeat a person, only another person can.

  19. TheTaoofJKD

    @ajdaemon08 You’re funny, considering I train under two of Guru Inosanto’s
    students, have trained with Inosanto himself. And have spoken with Shannon
    Lee (his one surviving child). I can assure you that I know a helluva lot
    more about Bruce Lee than you do.

  20. TheTaoofJKD

    @ajdaemon08 Not bullshit, It’s common knowledge, watch an interview about
    Lee with Guro Insosanto He’s mentioned it time and time again this is where
    he pulled the bulk of his kicks and footwork from. Your knowledge of Sijo
    Lee is obviously minimal.

  21. danmarino1970

    bruce lee’s kicks = all savate. those who know the truth will agree.

  22. meadowvideos

    All those guys had great technique. Fun to watch. Thanks!

  23. Savateur

    @SmilingPhallus I think the Danse de Rue style is a lot meaner than most of
    the other arts.

  24. Savateur

    @Curatalo506 I don’t think that’s him but check out Richard Sylla the man
    is awesome

  25. Savateur

    @kloud51 Yeah bro why don’t you check out the Francois Pennachio vs Ramon
    Dekkers fight. I’ve done both Muay thai and Savate and I’ll tell you savate
    is no joke.

  26. Picekification

    savate was created to fight on the street. So it’s effective in real life.

  27. RDraGon2179

    @cryingindian Yea I knew that. Just saying it to the other web that it
    didn’t say that in his bio.

  28. cryingindian

    gsp never trained in savate only kyokushin karate as he was growing up. his
    dad was a black belt in it so thats all he did as a youngling. no savate

  29. cryingindian

    technicall sparring involves very little contact. check out anderson silvas
    dvd stuff. the exact same as this… although… miles better lol

  30. kloud51

    This is so gay. Boxers and thai/kickboxers spar at about 60% to 70% power.
    These guys aren’t even touching each other. This is why savate sucks ass in
    real life.

  31. Curatalo506

    I like the way the black guy fights. Whats his name? and does he have any
    pro fights?

  32. Chris Barnett

    Cheick Kongo

  33. joergus


  34. RDraGon2179

    I believe GSP is train in karate. He may have done it but his bio usually
    don’t say anything about savate.

  35. Eyeodine

    Thank you for not playing some lame-ass metal for this video!

  36. Stephen Henkel

    GSP is trained in Savate. He uses some of it.

  37. Curatalo506

    Wow, Savate is pretty cool. How come there’s no more Savate fighters in UFC
    or MMA anymore? It looks pretty cool.

  38. Esteban Garcia

    Hey, does anyone know the name of the song? Thanks

  39. SallyMyers1991

    thank you

  40. SallyMyers1991

    I Love this thing. I first read about it in a book called From Lee to Li.
    Does anyone know if savate centre somewhere in London?

  41. ZiemniAK47

    Nice sparings 🙂

  42. lufoine30

    kesse ke tentend par zik

  43. ghettoblaster999

    putain vous avez craqué sur la zik!!! Oh on n’est pas à la vogue là!

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