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Published on February 15, 2011

October 13, 2011 at 7:28 pm
“Fantastic Video! Inspiring makes me wanna learn join that team od Savateurs
; ) You know wat this sport is all about. Congrads”


Savate Kickboxing Motivational Video

  1. abdo bder

    الا فين المكان بتاعكم اصل معاكو شوية موزز عال العال

  2. Lightcast Productions

    The soundtrack is called “Trailblazing”, composed by Steve Jablonsky

  3. ZzenTok

    whats music name pls ?

  4. DalnamikDesigns


  5. Dawn Campbell

    Very cheesy.

  6. Danielle Noriega Lee

    Wished someone’d open a Savate Club here in Singapore.

  7. TheDownhillJumper

    ta geule grosse merde ya des forum fait pour les imbeciles comme toi pour
    poster ce genre de truc!

  8. Cristiano Reis Silva

    Quelle est la couleur du cheval blanc de Napoléon?

  9. Rosa Glez

    wow!!!! I love the video, kick boxing is a unique sport and an exciting

  10. Den Den Denis

    dont like it 😐

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